Heal Sprained Ankle Fast – Rehab Program Treatment


Heal Sprained Ankle Fast – Rehab Program Treatment




Using cutting edge science, H.E.M. Ankle Rehab teaches you the best way to heal a sprained ankle in 3 easy steps from home. Get out of pain in days (not months), heal NEW & OLD injuries, and protect your ankles naturally, without braces.


Introducing… Heal Sprained Ankle Fast – Rehab Program Treatment


H.E.M. Ankle Rehab represents a paradigm shift in healing an ankle sprain by revolutionizing out-dated treatments like rest and ice, which have been scientifically proven to be painfully slow and ineffective.

It works by strongly encouraging and supporting the body’s natural response to an injury. By working with the body, instead of against it, H.E.M. has enabled hundreds of thousands of people to quickly and fully heal a sprained ankle.

Typical results are pain free walking in about 3 – 7 days and a significant increase in the strength and stability of your ankles, which means improved performance and a much lower risk of future sprains without ankle braces, wraps or tape.

This revolutionary 3 step sprained ankle treatment is easy to do and only takes 30 minutes a day from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you have a new sprain or an old injury, H.E.M. is absolutely essential to healing your ankle and reducing the risk of future injury, naturally.


Heal Sprained Ankle Fast – Rehab Program Treatment3 SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN STEPS

Your body is incredibly advanced, but an ankle sprain requires a comprehensive rehab treatment to heal fully and efficiently. H.E.M. teaches you the best way to heal, because it encourages and supports the body’s natural healing process. Here’s how…

1) Speed up the Immune System

In the first 24-48 hours, the immune system floods a sprained ankle with powerful immune cells called Macrophages (Greek for “Big Eater”). These amazing immune cells literally gobble up and remove the waste and debris in your ankle.

In addition, you also need healthy blood and nutrients to flood into your ankle to further help with the healing process. There are a wide variety of essential vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients that further improve the speed and quality of the healing process.

The powerful rehab techniques in H.E.M. Ankle Rehab work with the body to INCREASE the flow of Macrophages and important nutrients into the injured area during this critical stage.

If you have an older injury, step 1 is absolutely essential to getting fresh blood and nutrients into the area to kick start the healing process once again and get you on the road to a pain free and strong, stable ankle.

2) Lymphatic Drainage

A second and very critical set of techniques is required to help the body’s lymphatic system eliminate swelling from your sprained ankle.

If you do not help your body along in this process, swelling can take a very long time to go down on it’s own. In fact, it can easily take 1 – 2 months or longer.

And, without properly eliminating the swelling, the body will start to accumulate scar tissue in the ankle joint and that can cause a lot of long term damage, including scar tissue, which can severely weaken and inhibit the natural movement of the ankle.

That is why so many people who follow the rest and ice strategy end up with very weak, unstable ankles that have completely lost their natural range of motion.

Step 2 of the H.E.M. sprained ankle rehabilitation system will help you quickly and effectively break up damaging scar tissue and remove swelling from the ankle in DAYS instead of months.

If you have an older injury, step 2 is critical for breaking up old scar tissue and removing any residual swelling that has built up over the course of months or even years… Once, you get healthy, fresh blood flowing into the area and the old waste out, you will be well on your way to finally healing that stubborn ankle.

3) Muscle Regeneration & Repair

48 hours after an injury, the body sends in a second wave of Macrophages that are responsible muscle regeneration and repair. Step 1 continues to improve the flow of healthy blood and Macrophages during this time, but there is more work to do, because we have to get the ankle back to full strength…

After an ankle sprain, the area will be weak, stiff and unstable and remember, it CANNOT heal on its own.

Step 3 of the H.E.M. rebuilds the ankle step by step to significantly increase the strength, stability and healthy range of motion. Unlike the random exercises you may find on the internet, step 3 of H.E.M. is a thorough and complete rehab system of specific stretches, exercises and much more.

You can expect strong, stable ankles with healthy, natural movement and improved athletic performance as well as a MUCH LOWER risk of ankle sprains without ankle braces, wraps or tape.

If you have an older injury, the ankles will still be weak and unstable, even after many years. You may be using ankle braces to keep them from getting injured again, which has made them even weaker over time.

But now, that you have done steps 1 and 2 of H.E.M. to remove residual scar tissue, swelling and waste in the ankle, you can rebuild strength, stability, and healthy range of motion to finally get your ankle back to full health.

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Heal Sprained Ankle Fast – Rehab Program Treatment