Hair Loss in Women: Getting to the Root of the Problem


Hair Loss in Women: Getting to the Root of the Problem


Millions of females suffer from hair-loss but did you know that even if its cause is hereditary, you can still fight it and even grow a healthy batch of hair? Melanie Vonzabuesnig suffered from it and lost 90% of her-hair but after months of research and consultation with a professional cosmetologist and medical experts, she unraveled the secrets for women to stop it and get it all back. Her discoveries, as well as the secret method to formulate your own mixture to grow-hair, are available in her book Hair Loss in Women: Getting to the Root of the Problem.

There are tons of eBooks out there so why consider this? This 132-page book is not just another run of the mill book about combing your-hair or eating this and that. Instead, this book is a very comprehensive guide that will show you:

• All the types of hair-losses and their causes
• Medical conditions that list hair-loss as a symptom
• A list of medications that contribute to it
• A look at hair-loss and its relation to nutritional deficiency
• Simple diet and nutrition to promote hair-growth and to maintain healthy-hair
• Its emotional aspects for females
• The secret all-natural remedies that grow it back, from aromatherapy to homeopathy and others

Melanie Vonzabuesnig has a lot to offer. Not only are you going to get the book but for the same deal you will also get:

• Super Potent Hair-Loss Remedies
• Aroma-Hair… Aromatherapy Formulas for Healthy-Hair

It all should cost you well over $100 but for your benefit this is all being offered in one simple downloadable package for just $24.95! Now you could look at it all this way – you could spend thousands of dollars on different pills and sprays, surgeries and shampoos, and still not get the-hair that you’ve wanted. You might have been using “hair-grow” products that instead work to further your hair-loss, prompting you to spend even more on their products.

Or you could turn to Hair Loss in Women: Getting to the Root of the Problem, a complete set that includes the main eBook and two additional materials, for just $24.95. With the natural remedies and the simple formula that Melanie introduces, you can stop hair-loss and get a healthy head-of-hair without suffering from medical side effects or an empty wallet.

Pros and Cons


• Comprehensive guide that has all the information regarding hair-loss and growth
• Recipes included (for both the diet and healthy-hair formulas) are easy to make and use affordable ingredients that you can find and buy just about anywhere
• This is an all-natural, holistic approach so you don’t have to worry about side effects


The entire package is very comprehensive but it is only available in eBook format. At the moment there is no paperback version for you to use when you’re not on your eBook reader or computer.

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