Guinea Pig Care Made Easy Review


Guinea Pig Care Made Easy Review


Have you ever wanted to own a Guinea pig but didn’t have a clue where to begin? Or maybe you even own one now, but have many questions.

I just came across an eBook that completely blew my mind! It is now my Guinea pig “go-to” guide.

Here is my review of the eBook, “Guinea Pig Care Made Easy”.

The Pros:

Guinea pigs are very friendly critters that have lively personalities; it’s no wonder so many people want to raise such a pet. However, many people don’t know how to properly raise their guinea pig, which sadly, reduces their lifespan by several years! I have to admit, I’ve had quite a few encounters with these animals, but after reading this eBook, I discovered how little I know of them. The author, Richard James, has been raising guinea pigs for over 15 years and has guided countless owners worldwide with this eBook. And that’s easy to believe.

His book covers cage setup to behavioral meanings:

-How to make your guinea pig feel at home
-What you do when you bring your new pet home
-Feeding your guinea pig
-Cleaning the cage
-What guinea pig sounds actually mean
-Possible illnesses and how to prevent them

It includes so much more. He gives you a true overview as well as specifics on anything to do with keeping your guinea pig and ensuring he lives a long and healthy life.

Richard James obviously loves his pet and loves the world of guinea pigs. His caring for them comes through in the words he writes. A must read for anyone who owns a guinea pig or is thinking of owning one.

The Cons:

He left out some details when it came to breeding. I thought Richard did a great job explaining the process leading up the pregnancy of the newborn guinea pig puppies. However, he left out information I would have liked to know about how to handle the delivery of the puppies and the steps to take immediately after. Sure, I guess not everyone plans on breeding their guinea pigs, but it was something I’d like to know just in case it happens.

The Bottom line:

Honestly, I’ve owned several pets and for the most part, I knew what was needed. When it comes to guinea pigs, not so much. But now that I have the book, I feel fully prepared to begin my adventure with the guinea pig. Definitely one of the best reads on pet care I’ve had in a long time. I highly recommend it.

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