Guinea Pig Care Made Easy Honest Review


Guinea Pig Care Made Easy Honest Review


Want to instantly understand how to care for your guinea pig and make sure he stays happy and most of all, healthy?

I know I’m tired of trying to find correct information regarding guinea pig care. Everybody’s an expert and most of the information is erroneous. I needed a clear-cut understanding of what is best for this animal from someone that has owned guinea pigs for many years

After reading the book through twice, I decided to write an honest review.

guinea-pig-care-made-easy-coverSo what is “Guinea Pig Care Made Easy”?

It’s an eBook that sums up years of experience with guinea pigs from the author, Richard James. The book provides basic knowledge and understanding of this amazing animal in straightforward language.

The chapters include:

-Introduction – What’s a guinea pig, anyway?
-The History of the Guinea Pig
-Guinea Pig Varieties
-Choosing a Guinea Pig/ The Homecoming
-Housing Your Guinea Pig/ Selecting a Cage/Bedding/Supplies/Cage Planning
-Feeding Your Guinea Pig/ What They Can and Cannot Eat
-Understanding Your Guinea Pig’s Behaviors/ Taming / Training/ Exercise
-Grooming Your Guinea Pig/ Nails/ Teeth/ Bathing
-Common Diseases & Prevention

I was completely amazed at how comprehensive Guinea Pig Care Made Easy guide on caring for your guinea pig was.

I’ll admit, I surfed the web for a long time trying to find information that’s covered in this book. After reading it, I decided to try my hand at breeding guinea pigs. So many of my friends want one now, and the book got me so excited about my pet, that I’ve turned a new chapter (no pun intended) in my guinea pig hobby.

Everything you need to know about guinea pig care is in this book, in detail. From how-to introduce two guinea pigs to each other to understanding guinea pig sounds, you’ll find it all in here.

I would go to the link quickly though. I think that the special with the bonus book is not going to last long. From what I was told, countless of owners have been helped through this book. After you read it, you’ll understand why.

I don’t usually endorse something like this, but you have to go check out this link if you love your guinea pig and want him to stay happy and live a long life.

This eBook is so easy to download and will give you complete instructions on:

-Proper cage setup
-Diseases and prevention
-Proper guinea pig diet
-And SO much more!

It will explain in detail – ANYTHING and EVERYTHING a guinea pig wants to know!

You will discover how EASY it is to keep your guinea pig when you know what he really needs to make sure he lives a long life.

CLICK on the link below to learn more.