Guide To Writing Hit Songs: Superior Songwriting Method Course


Guide To Writing Hit Songs: Superior Songwriting Method Course


Have you ever wondered why some bands can just churn out songs after songs on the radio like Blink 182, Coldplay, Bruno Mars or Taylor Swift? That’s because there is a progression to songwriting and these artists have it dialed down! So don’t be frustrated or get discouraged.

Instead of wondering how to start-a-song, what to do, when to write-the-melody, how to figure out chords, if minor or major chords fit it, you’re going to learn the easiest way to solve all this.

It is like baking a cake. You need the right ingredients to make it delicious and perfect. Cake is comprised of ingredients like eggs, flour, sugar, chocolate etc. Well what if in that cake you took out the sugar. It wouldn’t taste very good right?

The same is true with music!

Introducing… Guide To Writing Hit Songs: Superior Songwriting Method Course

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6 Amazing videos to help you learn-to-write-songs that are catchier, more structured and more professional sounding!

This program is going to give you the 5 Basic Components for writing-songs easier and really tap into your creative potential.

There are 5 Basics you will undoubtedly encounter and that’s what we are going to uncover with this program. They are the idea, the music, the melody, the content, and the structure.

  • Learn why going in order is the most critical part of writing-a-song.
  • Learn that if you get stuck writing-a-song there are a few exercises and tips you can do to get out of that writer’s block and continue with fresh ideas easily.
  • Learn how the mood can truly resonate with a listener and why there are certain songs that even you listen to over and over again.
  • Plus there’s tons more…

Inside the Guide To Writing Hit Songs: Superior Songwriting Method Course, you’ll learn:

  • The 5 components for writing-a-song in order of importance so you can begin to brainstorm effectively.
  • The 3 aspects of making a melody catchier and how you can use that to create an amazingly addictive chorus.
  • Why the idea is its most important part and how it can fast track your skills.
  • Examples of how to connect it with your audience to make it as personal as possible.
  • Why different chords can completely change its mood and which you should choose for your lyrics.
  • The most common structures so that your-songs begin to build in a way that they peak perfectly at the chorus
  • And lots more…

Believe it or not where most people fail or get discouraged is that they don’t have a clear “idea” of where to start. This creates confusion when writing-songs. If you pick a few chords, then choose a line or two of lyrics then try and make them rhyme or stick out, then move back to constructing that, it can get very jumbled and confusing. This is where people give up.

This training will show you how to avoid what we call the “writing-iceberg” so that you can have a clear A-Z, step-by-step path to follow and how to easily maneuver some common mistakes or setbacks.

Here’s What To Expect When You Get Started Today…

  • Immediate access in just minutes from now so you don’t have to wait and can get started right away.
  • Simple to follow exercises that you can begin brainstorming, writing and structuring your songs as quickly and easily as possible.
  • The 5 basic components, a step-by-step action plan, and a recap so you understand where you are and what to do next.
  • The breakdown of why some songs ultimately lead to catchier melodies and 3 aspects you can use to create catchier melodies as well.
  • The easiest ways to find and write lyrics that are going to complement them in a way that they connect with the listener.
  • The most common mistakes to avoid and how to correct bad habits you may have formed unknowingly.

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Guide To Writing Hit Songs: Superior Songwriting Method Course