Guide to Understanding, Maintaining and Modifying Your Minimoto


Are you frustrated with your minimoto or mini dirtbike not starting or running correctly?

Are you fed up with paying over the top repair bills?

Do you want more speed?

Are you looking for a guide that explains exactly how it works and how to easily repair it?

Introducing… “The Complete Guide to Understanding, Maintaining and Modifying your Minimoto/ Mini Dirtbike”

This guide is a “must-have!” It completely covers everything you need to know about maintaining and modifying your 47 or 49cc Chinese air cooled minimotos/ mini dirtbikes”!

The guide is written in plain easy-to-understand English… with no confusing jargon or technical terms. So you don’t have to be a mechanic or expert to read it, in fact you don’t need to know anything.

Designed specifically to save you loads of money in repair costs, containing fully detailed instructions and explanations with full color photographs

You’ll learn:

– Its different engines.
– How to spot the difference between the 47 and 49cc engines
– How all the components of the engine work, each component in full color with clear explanations of how it functions.
– Learn how to strip the carburetor , change main jets, adjust the idle speed, fuel and air mixture and how to tune it to get the maximum performance out of your engine!
– Learn which are the most effective performance parts to make it fly and why!
– Learn about gearing it for acceleration and top speed
– Learn about the restrictions that they have , and how to overcome these to get full power
– Learn about its ignition system in full color
– Learn about its clutch, its workings and performance clutches
– Exhaust systems that will make it fly, and why the standard system is a compromise
– Learn all about maintenance and safety
– Learn how each high performance part works – and why it makes your pocket bike go faster.
– Learn about rockets and how to fit them and why they are a must have.
– Twin stage reeds, Do I need them?, we will show you why.

And much much more!!

If you own a air cooled 47 or 49cc Chinese minimoto, then this guide is a “must-have!” It completely covers everything you need to know about maintaining and modifying it.

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