Guide On How To Raise Rabbits – What Beginners Need To Know


Guide On How To Raise Rabbits – What Beginners Need To Know


This is a popular activity all over the world. People can raise bunnies as pets or as sources of pelt and meat. Although small, these furry mammals can be quite challenging to take care of. Before one decides to get one, it is important that they know how to raise rabbits. This assures them that they will end up with a healthy bunny that can become an invaluable member of their family.

The first thing one should do is to determine why they want to raise them in the first place. Is it because they want to enter the animal in a competition? Or maybe their kids want one as a pet. Or perhaps they want to start their own bunny farm. Knowing the purpose can help people decide the breed they would get, as well as the kind of shelter they would need to provide. Bunny farms would need large cages, while a family pet would only need a small corner in the house where it can sleep, eat, drink, and socialize with the other family members.

Knowing their diet is an important aspect. These animals need a balanced and healthy diet of fresh hay, fruits, vegetables, and pellets. Baby bunnies need alfalfa hay and pellets, while the adults require timothy hay and pellets. Owners need to provide their pet bunny with fresh drinking water every day. They can put water inside a bottle and hang it on the side of the rabbit’s cage, or they can put it in a small drinking bowl. Most owners prefer the former, but the latter prevents them from developing mouth ulcers when these grow older.

Like all living creatures, bunnies also need to go outside and stretch their legs. Owners can schedule a certain time during the day to take it out for a supervised run in the backyard. They can also provide enough living space inside the house that lets it go out of his cage and hop around. Those who plan on housing them inside a waterproof hutch should make sure that it isn’t too small; the animals should be able to move around unhindered. These mammals are most active during the early morning and at dusk.

Another aspect is to know the grooming practices one would need to use. Bunnies can easily accumulate wax and dirt on their nails and ears, as well as around their eyes. Owners need to clean their ears and trim its nails regularly. Unless it is dirty, owners should never give their pet a bath. They have the tendency to go into shock whenever they’re exposed to water; owners can simply dip a towel in water and “bathe” it by wiping the wet towel on its fur. Long-haired bunnies would require brushing every day to remove the tangles, but short-haired bunnies only need to be brushed once every week.

Now that you have a good idea of how to raise rabbits, will you be welcoming this cuddly bundle of fur into your home very soon?

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