Grip Strength Training for Fighters and Grapplers Guide


Grip Strength Training for Fighters and Grapplers Guide


Whether You’re Fighting For Under Hooks Against The Cage, Scrambling For Wrist Control On The Ground, or Hunting For The Submission… This Is The Quickest Way To Develop Crushing Grip Strength for Fighters and Grapplers.

And, no matter where the fight goes… it is vital.

It’s no secret: Hand-to-hand combat requires insane strength and endurance in the hands and forearms.

And, even though grip training should be a critical component of every combat sport’s strength and conditioning program, it’s often overlooked or treated like an afterthought exercise, instead of something you should train as hard as you work your sprawl or clinch. Done right, it will ensure you dominate your competition, and make the faint of heart shy away from ever rolling with you again.

If you want to be a legend on the mat, you must have a monster grip.

Of course you need technique, that’s a given, but without the grip-strength of a lumberjack, you’ll crumble under opponents you should be tapping out, had you only had the grip strength to do it.

Without a vice-like grip, you’ll be unable to manipulate control over your opponent on the ground and in the clinch, you’ll be more vulnerable to injury, and you’ll run out of gas much quicker during exchanges.

Here’s the problem: Most fighters, grapplers, coaches and trainers have no idea how to effectively train their grip. Typically they’ll use outdated routines designed to give bodybuilders big “pretty” muscles, but won’t do a damn bit of good inside the cage or on the mat.

And sure, almost all fighters do pull-ups—which IS a kick ass exercise BTW – but pull-ups aren’t nearly enough to develop the kind of bone-crushing grip you need.

Now, some of the more ambitious athletes do train with grippers and some of the other tools available, but they aren’t following a complete system that trains the entire grip.

Bottom line: If you want to control your opponent, you need to fully train your grip.

To train it properly, you need to train all six types of grip strength…


  • Pinch – This is between your fingers and thumb.
  • Crush – This is between your fingers and palm (This is the one you use when shaking hands or crushing cans with one hand)
  • Extensionh – This is the opposite of just about every other type and is by far the most neglected. Without training it you leave yourself extremely vulnerable to injuries of all kinds.
  • Hub – This is the type used when palming a basketball or an opponent’s head.
  • Rolling – This is what some fighters/grapplers have in their wrists and forearms; the kind that makes escape virtually impossible.
  • Wrenching – This is that frightening twisting that few fighters have. But, for those who do, it results in taps in seconds, submissions so quick that they leave fans wondering why the loser submitted so fast.

To develop a bone-crushing grip, you need to follow a proven system that addresses all its aspects—and hits all the six types listed above—otherwise you’ll end up with weak links in your chain that are going to snap on you when you need them the most.

Once you switch to this complete system, the results will make you deadly.

How many times have you been in a fight where you catch a good submission hold and it’s slipped away because you didn’t have the power in your grip and forearms to finish?

Introducing… Grip Strength Training for Fighters and Grapplers Guide

get-a-grip-bundle With this program you will…

  • Gain the type of unrelenting wrist control that mentally and physically destroys your opponents
  • Dramatically enhance your takedowns; when you get even a portion of a leg on your shots; game over
  • Lock your opponents into a wide variety of finishes, they simply can’t escape
  • Establish dominant positions both offensively and defensively
  • Completely control your opponent from top and bottom
  • Set up lethal arm drags and 2-on-1 elbow passes that can’t be stopped
  • Develop spectacular grip, hand, and forearm endurance
  • Improve all-around conditioning
  • Bulletproof your fingers, hands, and wrists against injury
  • Hold and finish submissions – With this program you’ll develop near-homicidal submission strength
  • Force your opponents to tap-out faster than ever before

With Grip Strength Training for Fighters and Grapplers Guide, you’ll discover exactly what to do, why you’ll be doing it, and how to implement it into your current schedule.

In Grip Strength Training for Fighters and Grapplers Guide, you’ll get:

  • 80+ exercises for the fingers, hands, and forearms – Your hands are meant to perform a wide variety of movements and tasks, and to maximize your grip’s potential, you need to hit them from different angles and tax them in a variety of ways. These are challenging exercises that will continue to make you stronger for years to come.
  • Sample Workouts – You’re getting workouts that will not only challenge your grip strength, but will help you develop strength and power throughout your entire body. There are programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes of all levels.
  • Secrets to designing your own programs – In addition to the sample programs, you’ll discover how to develop your own workouts to meet your unique needs. This will be totally essential if you’re a coach, trainer, or gym owner.
  • Little-known recovery techniques – Training hard is critical, but you need to recover between your sessions so you can avoid injuries and perform at your best. You’ll learn simple techniques to keep your body healthy and feeling good.
  • Tools of the trade – You’re receiving a comprehensive list of all of the best gear over the last decade.

It includes bodyweight exercises, free weight exercises, and simple training tools you can make at home.

Plenty of equipment options to meet your needs have been included. There’s even exercises you can perform with regular household items you probably have lying around your house right now. So don’t think you need to go out and buy expensive equipment to maximize this program.

A lot of these tools are dirt cheap and can be made right in your own garage. However, some specialized items so as your grip becomes stronger were also included, you can challenge it in new and more advanced ways.

There are literally no limits to what you can do and no barriers to you jumping right in.

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Grip Strength Training for Fighters and Grapplers Guide