Grip Strength Training: Exercises and Routine Program


Grip Strength Training: Exercises and Routine Program


How YOU Can Dramatically Thicken Your Wrists, Forearms and Biceps FAST and Lift MORE WEIGHT With Every Single Movement

If you are fed up with missing lifts and cutting sets short due to a slipping grip, keep reading. If you want to shatter personal records of all kinds, grab hold of this information. The strongmen of yore held the secret weapon of strength in their big, meaty paws.

Andy Bolton, the first man to deadlift over 1,000 pounds, credits two of the exercises in this very program as “the ones that have enabled a dream like a 1,008-pound deadlift to become a reality.”

Can you honestly say that grip is not a limiting factor for you?

Let’s be honest, it probably is. While you diligently train your heart, lung, chest and legs, you only THINK you train your arms. Sure, you do biceps curls and triceps extensions — you might even add in wrist curls — but you are still missing 90 percent of the lifts that will make you better.

What does this cost you?

Inches of dense muscle tissue. Hundreds of total pounds subtracted off of lifts. A higher risk of injury to elbows, wrists, and fingers, and for many, the shame of a weak, bony handshake.


Introducing… Grip Strength Training: Exercises and Routine Program

industrial-strength-grip-coverWhat can specific grip training do for you?

  • Reduce your chance of injury in your training, your sporting events, and in day-to-day life.
  • Improve your ability to pull weights off the floor. Many people add 15 to 20 pounds to their best deadlift in the first two weeks of this program.
  • Add more weight to the bar in your pressing movements by fortifying the wrists. A weak wrist can cost you 15 to 25 percent of weight in pressing movements. Your brain will shut down power production if it detects a weak link!
  • Never miss a tackle and catch more passes on the field.
  • Add more yards to your golf swing with one simple drill.
  • Forge pliers-like strength between your thumb and fingers.
  • Crush your opponents on the mat. In every grappling sport, hand control is the first battle you must win. Every champion grappler is marked with a fierce grip.
  • Rehabilitate and regain more range of motion in your wrists and hands. Hundreds of thousands of people are plagued with pain and weakness in their hands; the good news is research demonstrates productive training can reduce and eliminate these problems in most people.
  • Dominate the boardroom with a true alpha male handshake. No one will doubt your power when they grip your thick, rugged hand.

There was a time when garage lifters, athletes, and coaches thought it was enough grip training to do deadlifts, pull-ups and rows. Now, the best trainers in the world have learned that specific grip training is absolutely necessary to unleash all the physical capacity a person has. The grip simply isn’t trained enough when only trained generally.

For the last two years, men and women across the globe have been smashing their personal bests using the secrets of Industrial Strength Grip Vol. 1.

23 new never-before-seen movements not available in any other grip product anywhere where added.

What EXACTLY will you learn in this Grip Strength Training: Exercises and Routine Program?

The essentials of hand strength!

Section 1: Grippers

You will be thrust in immediately with a lesson on the world’s favorite method of grip training, torsion spring grippers. Grippers can be an incredible tool for grip strength, if you know how to use them.

  • Learn about the best grippers on the market — put your money here and you will never be disappointed.
  • Why location really is everything. Three simple positioning tips that will increase your crushing strength by at least 25 percent when you use them.
  • Discover a proven strategy used by the worlds top grip athletes to consistently progress to tougher grippers while avoiding injury and stagnation.
  • The three most important items you will need with your gripper for continued gains.
  • How to use a grip master’s plateau breaker to smash through walls of frustrating stagnation.
  • Heed this word of warning: Ignore one common suggestion to avoid a painful hand injury and aching joints.

Section 2: Pinch

Pinch lifting is one of the fundamental movements in grip sport and grip training. No matter what your goals, training your pinch grip will produce gains in every area.

  • Why pinch training is a must if you lift kettlebells or barbells.
  • How to add 5 to 10 percent to your best lifts by adding just one extra exercise to your training.
  • Avoid the No. 1 mistake everyone else is making when they pinch lift. Hint: It has nothing to do with the hands!
  • Save your money by getting this one innovative piece of equipment and score more PR’s while pocketing more dough.
  • Learn the set-up technique that captured 9 pinch lift world records for me in just a single year of training.
  • Find out the three most important qualities for selecting your pinch set-up. Ignore these and you will leave many PR’s on the table.
  • Discover the four most important grip positions for the thumb and the highest pay-off exercises.
  • Spend less time training (but still get PR’s) by adding this killer dynamic movement.

Section 3: The Challenge Lifts

Grip training is not limited to fingers and thumbs: It is about integration!

  • How to do the three most important dumbbell lifts in the world to develop impressive explosive power and lock-tight grip.
  • A review of the top five slip-on grips available on the market, exploring each of their pros and cons.
  • How to make the most of a forgotten secret from the golden age strongmen, the single-arm lifts.
  • Five details that will add 15 percent to your lift speed today.
  • Here it is, the best lift you’ve never heard of: Add this to your program and see 20 percent more upper back strength.
  • Conquer the Inch! The proven method to overcoming challenge dumbbells. Do this and you will make history.

Section 4: Thick-Bar Training

Some say the simple act of using a thick bar can transform the average man into a powerhouse. Nothing is left to chance by teaching you insiders’ tips for axle-lifting dominance.

  • This has been called the No. 1 movement for greater forearm development and strength by one of history’s greatest coaches.
  • Seek and Destroy! Fix these six errors and add 30 pounds to your pull tonight.
  • Learn the subtle adjustment that adds pounds to your lift and comfort to your wrist.
  • It will seem counterintuitive to some, but this single positional adjustment can take you from 3rd place to 1st place in one rep.
  • The quick way to find your strongest stance: Ignore this only if you are fine with making tortoise-like gains.

Section 5: The Forgotten Lifts

Plain and simple: You will not find these gems anywhere else. These movements are simply too rugged, too hardcore for your standard bench press and quarter-squat crowd. But do these and you will make more progress this year than the last three combined!

  • Three training exercises you will not find anywhere else that will add many pounds of thick muscle to your arms and back.
  • Do this single exercise and you never worry about a weak back.
  • One of the best hip-strengthening drills you will ever find: Pile on the plates and up your squat by 50 pounds soon enough.
  • Lifts for freak-show finger strength. One set of these and you will be hooked!
  • How to maximize training time while getting the fastest arm-strengthening benefits.
  • If you ignore everything else I show you, do this one movement! A fantastic exercise to thicken the upper back and shoulders and bulletproof the wrists.

Section 6: One of the Coolest Feats of Hand Strength You Will Ever Learn: Card Tearing

One of the greatest lifters of all time, Vic Boff, said, “Everyone loves a strongman,” and indeed, everyone loves to see this incredible feat of strength.

  • How to legitimately tear a deck of plastic coated poker cards using hand strength. No magic tricks — just pure power.
  • How to position the deck. Many attempt to emulate me here, but nearly all fail because they don’t know this secret.
  • Takes you from failing to tear half a deck to tearing a deck into four pieces in six seconds.
  • How to avoid injuries and bag more PR’s with the No. 1 tearing assistance exercise.
  • The set-up that will work every time. Learn this and you never fail again.

And much more. This DVD is packed full of information, all of it can be immediately used by YOU right now to get stronger. There is no fluff, no filler.

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Grip Strength Training: Exercises and Routine Program