Green Screen Virtual Studios Plus How To Video Tutorials


Green Screen Virtual Studios Plus How To Video Tutorials

How to create, edit and produce green screen virtual studios step by step video tutorials. Plus Video assets and virtual studios included.

Video is now the number one must have communication tool whether you are a marketeer, an entertainer or blogger, video marketing is a priority for any type of business. Video made up 75% of the content most viewed online in 2012.

It will be the fastest-growing digital content category in 2013. Sure we have seen some big numbers on Online Video in the past, with both Cisco and Youtube predicting Video will be around 90 per cent of the Internet in a few years time. Now another company joins the choir, Forrester, releasing a new study that shows that 90 per cent of the online population will regularly watch online video by 2017.

You see, nobody reads very much these days so video will be the most popular medium.

Green screen virtual studios have been used for decades in fact they were pretty much a secret only available to deep pocketed video producers who could afford to buy or hire very high resolution video cameras.

Thanks to the development of video cameras, today we can buy HD camcorders at very affordable prices that allow amateurs to use green screening techniques such as virtual studios, montage, commercials and more. Today you can set up a recording studio in your home, in a small room or garage for one third of the price it used to cost, but visual virtual studios have gone off the scale due to the amount of time they take to create plus they also have to look real and this alone takes hours of creativity, sometimes weeks before the look of a real studio is achieved.

The use of green screen and virtual studios solves many problems when it comes to video production such as:

  • Limited budget: You don’t need a massive amount of cash to create an outstanding video.
  • Limited space: You can produce your video in very limited space and make it look like you are anywhere in the world.
  • Record in privacy: It allows you to make many mistakes knowing that no one is watching you.
  • Unwanted noise: Recording in doors with little or no background noise saves you time and money.
  • Weather conditions: again since you’re recording indoors, you are in control of the environment
  • Our virtual studios can be used with any green screen editing program available on the market today
  • The benefits of using green screen virtual studios are endless

Virtual studios are used on news casts, business presentations, video commercials, product reviews etc, they are nearly everywhere and very hard to distinguish from the real thing sometimes.

This has the same effect with your business and services, you can either use yourself as the presenter or one of your employees and give your business that celebrity status and customer trust, you can use it in any business today.

Green Screen Virtual Studios Image-2Green Screen Virtual Studios Image
The Green Screen Virtual Studios Plus How To Video Tutorials Includes 20 Plus ready to use Green Screen virtual studios and how to create and edit.

This collection contains 24 customizable green screen virtual studios. The templates are compatible with all green screen compatible programs and require no plugins.

RESOLUTION: Each template supports multiple composition sizes of various resolutions, including full 1920 x 1080 (HD) High Definition outputs.

SOFTWARE: These templates can be used with all Sony Vegas version, Adobe premiere, Adobe After Effects and will work on both PC and Mac systems.

TUTORIAL: A step-by-step video tutorial provided with the how to create green screen virtual studios DVD, How to chroma key tutorial and raw setudio designer files are included on the disk so you can create your own custom designed studios if you prefer to do so.

LICENSE: Buyers may use the clips in all types of media, for worldwide distribution, royalty free, forever. There are never any additional fees (a license is provided on the DVD).

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Green Screen Virtual Studios Plus How To Video Tutorials