Graffiti: The Art of Drawing on the Walls


Graffiti: The Art of Drawing on the Walls


All the people struggle against drab existence in their own way: some listen to the music, some write verses, others travel and some people draw graffiti. The latter paint everyday life with bright colors using paint cans. Anything can serve as ‘canvas’ for such artists, e.g. a sheet of paper, a fence, a concrete wall, a pillar, etc.

The impetus for graffiti as the art of drawing on the walls was the hip-hop youth subculture which appeared in 1970s in the USA. To date, graffiti is drawn not only by hip-hoppers, but also by the many millions of today’s young people, so-called writers. Thus, graffiti has developed into a real graphic art ceasing to imply simple writings on walls.

The most popular graffiti styles among beginners are Bubble lettering implying large round letters which resemble merging bubbles, and tagging which is putting signatures (tags). Complex graffiti styles comprise Wild Style implying tangled and illegible letters which can be read by the writer only; Messiah with the letters appearing to be multi-layered, as images of letters are put on top of other letters; and Character implying drawing comic book characters and others.

Writers, i.e., those who draw graffiti usually work in crews. This helps them to share experience and promote new invented styles.

A serious-minded writer is continually improving technique and skills by studying professional literature. Otherwise, pro-writers can nickname you as toy, which is an offensive nickname among them.

We can recommend the book How to draw graffiti Guide for Beginners which contains lots of tips for beginners, provides comparison of paints and tools, as well as describes styles and techniques.

Remember about your individual style: this is the basic tool of gaining respect of other writers. Without your own style, it is very difficult to win recognition, if not impossible.

And then, graffiti, a cure for grey gateways and similarly boring life will give you millions of stories to tell your boring friends…

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