Gout and You: The Ultimate Gout Diet and Cookbook




Introducing… Gout and You: The Ultimate Gout Diet & Cookbook


This is a 223-page, no BS, compressed and direct to the point eBook.

Once you dig in the eBook and begin implementing the gout diet right away and using the recipes in the eBook, you’ll be surprised how easy it it is to follow. Using the information in this eBook including the meal ideas, many gout patients managed their pain while also increasing energy, slowing the aging process, losing weight, and building immunity. The gout diet described in the eBook is more of a lifestyle change rather than starving yourself, it’s a whole new approach to life too! The truth is that you need to make changes no matter what or else your health will only get much worse.

Remember that you are not alone and that more than 8 million Americans suffer from gout and millions more around the globe. In England 2,5% of the general population suffers from this terrible disease. Despite the statistics, gout can strike anyone, anywhere no matter what the age, genetics, health, ethnicity or lifestyle. Although many people will scorn you and even make fun of your gout viewing it as your bad drinking or eating habits, the truth is gout can develop due to genetics, obviously diet, menopause in women, obesity, rapid weight loss and many other causes described on my website and eBook.

By eating right and following the gout diet described in this eBook you’ll save thousands of dollars from expensive drugs, costly doctor consultation fees and unnecessary surgeries taking your life back! The decision though is yours to make. Not mine.

Are you ready to take action?

Are you ready to take control of your gout or do you want it to control you?

In this eBook you’ll discover how fat, sugar and blood from meat (since many gout sufferers like their steaks cooked rare or medium) are concentrates that the body simply can’t tolerate in large quantities.When digesting these concentrates, we give way to so many waste products that even our kidneys that have excess capacity can’t handle them properly and this can cause you to develop a disease like gout.

You’ll also learn that it takes us to drink up to 7 times as much water in order for your kidneys to detoxify fats and proteins as it does for carbohydrates.

Did you know that most of the cholesterol needed by our bodies is actually produced by our own liver?

You’ll discover how exercise is important to the gout sufferer. Your body was meant to move around and not sit on a chair or couch all day!

Remember the saying, “If you don’t use it, you will lose it!”. This applies to your body as well. Lack of exercise is one of your worst health enemies but the remedy is so simple. I don’t force you to hit the gym and do heavy weight lifting. A simple 3 mile walk is all your body needs in order to be active and keep those uric acid levels low! Our overall mortality or death rate goes down by 50% if you exercise regularly!

The major diseases of today are 80% preventable with the proper nutrition including gout! We can cut the mortality rate right now by offering our food intake to the proper food. What is it then that you should eat?

Discover how to properly cook meat in order to avoid ingesting all the waste products.

Learn how to never diet! You won’t be deprived of any calories in this eBook. Eat safe proper food, never go hungry, never skip meals, enjoy every bite and keep your uric acid low!

The American Heart Association advises that 30% of your daily calories as fat is OK. I say that is way TOO MUCH and disclose to you what percentage your body can actually deal with! The average American eats 40 to 50% of their calories as fat!!!

Get ready to start cooking with over 100 recipes and meal ideas to get you started today!


Gout and You: The Ultimate Gout Diet and Cookbook