Golf Short Game Lessons – Tips and Drills


Golf Short Game Lessons – Tips and Drills


Stop Your Embarrassing Short Game Mistakes By Getting This Unfair Advantage…

This One Secret “Short Game Discovery ” Will Allow You To Confidently And Consistently Leave Your Chips, Pitches And Bunker Shots Inches From The Hole

Earning You Respect From Your Playing Partners, Lowering Your Scores And Giving You More Enjoyment

Just imagine how much for more fun you’re going to have when you can hit the ball close to the pin when you’re playing any short game shot.

Introducing… “The Short Game Report”

It’s a complete step-by-step system showing you how to implement this one secret into all aspects of your short game so you too can play your chips, pitches and bunkers shots with confidence — hitting them close to the pin, leaving yourself easy tap-ins and having so much more fun playing golf because you’re shooting lower scores.

Here’s a small glimpse of what you’re going to learn when you get this short game improvement program…

+ You’ll discover 3 things you must have for a great short game so you don’t get off track when you’re trying to improve.
+ Discover the first (this is the secret), most important of these 3 things to focus on that virtually no one talks about or gets you to really focus on. This will help you to improve your short game in the quickest possible time.
+ How to practice your chipping in the most efficient and best way possible so you don’t waste your time and you get fast improvement.
+ Discover the correct chipping motion that will allow you to hit great chip shot after great chip shot.
+ How you can use a screwdriver to massively improve your chipping consistency so you won’t flub chip shots and waste shots.
+ Find out exactly how far back you should swing for a chip shot, to get the most consistent results.
+ How to hit your short game shots automatically with your subconscious mind so your conscious mind doesn’t interfere.
+ Discover 10 setup points for pitching success so you know exactly how to setup to almost guarantee you great pitch shots.
+ Discover 7 setup points for chipping success so you can always setup to a chip shot the same way, so for every chip shot you have the best chance of getting the ball in the hole.
+ Find out exactly what your hips should be doing when your chipping to help you’re shots go close to the hole. This is contrary to what others will have you believe, but it works like you wouldn’t believe!
+ What to do to start your backswing off smoothly when chipping and pitching so you can swing with great tempo and rhythm hitting the ball crisply the first time, every time.
+ How you can improve your pitching at home in the backyard so you can save yourself time and show massive improvement when you get out on the golf course – impressing your playing partners.
+ How to work out exactly how far each of your clubs hits the ball so you can be confident in selecting a club for each short game shot, and know with confidence that the ball is going to go the distance you want it to.
+ How to hit shots between 30 -100 yard almost exact distances so you have an easy first putt, which will help you score lower, gaining you more respect.
+ A system to help you hit shots the exact distance you want so you’ll have a lot of confidence for any short game shot.
+ The easiest way to hit different types of bunker shots without changing your natural swing. This makes bunker shots easy, which will give you great confidence.
+ Find out how you can practice improving your bunker shots at home WITHOUT a bunker. This will save you time and help you to have big improvements out on the golf course.

This program is the only one that is going to show you the missing link that has meant that you’ve suffered with a bad short game all of these years. And during each new lesson you’ll be instructed to do one thing. Plus the instructions will include text, photos, audio and video (where necessary) so you’ll know exactly what you should be doing.


Golf Short Game Lessons – Tips and Drills