Golf Lesson: How to Increase Distance & Swing Consistency


Golf Lesson: How to Increase Distance & Swing Consistency


Golf physics demonstrates that you will optimize your distance and accuracy if your swing is “matched with your physique”…

Most golfers LOSE torque on their backswing… this is distance potential you already have.

You have the ability to significantly increase backswing torque and add more distance to your game by adopting a few simple changes on your approach…

Develop your own unique swing with a simple “Laws of Motion” approach to golf instruction that will start to improve it from the first day…

All too often the techniques of many instruction courses and articles you read are based on the observation of top class golfers who have spent years developing their physiques.

As technically sound as these courses are, many encourage you to swing well beyond your “physical capabilities” causing “mechanical break downs” simply because they ignore your shape, size and flexibility.

Discover an indisputable, yet unique “Laws of Motion” approach that explains it in simple, logical terms and why “matching your swing to your body shape, size and flexibility” is the secret to optimizing your speed, balance, torque generation and consistency…

Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes made by golfers that “destroy” precious torque. Torque that can easily add another 20-30 yards to your drives…. that is wasted capability you already have!

These statements are not based on any radical new theory. They are based on the indisputable mechanics and physics….

Learn how to make the necessary mental adjustment to work within your “natural” range and you will add distance and improve your consistency immediately….

From day one, you will discover why “mental and physical barriers” have been preventing you from achieving the distances and consistency you are searching for that can easily lower your scores.

This is a simple, yet very practical program, helping everyday golfers around the world of all levels, of all ages, shapes and sizes develop a repeatable swing that is raising their game to new performance levels.

Introducing… Golf Lesson: How to Increase Distance & Swing Consistency

What you will achieve with Golf Lesson: How to Increase Distance & Swing Consistency:

In as little as two-three weeks working with this program you will:

  • Discover your “natural” swing that matches it to your physique adding more distance to your drives from the first day you hit the range.
  • Understand its physics that will guide you towards more than 20 key techniques that will increase your speed and add more distance to your game.
  • Develop the most effective hand release technique on your downswing to increase speed that requires no additional physical effort.
  • Understand its mechanics that will help you avoid common break downs that destroy your consistency and accuracy.
  • Complete a “practical” 5 step development system that will remove the “mental and physical barriers” that are preventing you from solid ball striking and lowering your scores by as much as 5-10 strokes a round.
  • Understand its “flexibility range” to reveal the true “physical restrictions” allowing you to improve areas of weakness with targeted stretching exercises.
  • Perfect a fail safe alignment and stance routine to achieve perfect balance and fairway splitting accuracy.
  • Improve your consistency using three critical techniques that will show immediate improvement from day 1.
  • Improve your balance to improve timing and accuracy into the greens.
  • Perfect your timing for solid ball striking that will increase the distance and accuracy of your iron play.
  • Perfect your grip to improve “torque transfer to the club head for greater speed.
  • Eliminate 2-3 wasted strokes from every round by understanding the science behind superior putting accuracy.
  • Understand how to practice effectively to make long lasting improvements.
  • Understand how to practice efficiently to learn the skills that have the greatest impact on reducing your scores… even if you have little time to practice.
  • Create a strategy to lower your scores by 3-5 strokes a round in as little as few rounds.
  • Improve your fitness to help remove the “physical” restrictions and add 10-15 yards more distance to your drives.

What you receive with Golf Lesson: How to Increase Distance & Swing Consistency

5 Step development system that is guaranteed to reduce your scores:

Step 1: How to reset your mental game that will remove the “mental pressure” for improved consistency and teach you how to “think clearly” to immediately reduce your scores by 3-5 strokes a round.

Step 2: How to improve your consistency and accuracy by learning practical techniques on how to operate within your “natural” range and its three most critical elements that impact consistency.

Step 3: How to Improve its control by understanding the mechanics behind timing and tempo to create solid ball striking.

Step 4: How to add more distance by learning golf physics that will guide you to more than 20 different techniques that will increase your speed and distance.

Step 5: How to improve your fitness to raise distance and consistency performance using routines that target the specific muscle groups.

Plus : Receive 3 Bonus E-Books, 3 Bonus Videos, Online Coaching Support and Stretching Program…

3 free additional E-books to help round off the development of your game:

  • Free e-book entitled “In Search of Putting Excellence” which describes the “physics” behind putting and teaches you how to achieve deadly putting accuracy within the “Yip Zone” – the 5 foot range where most strokes are lost.
  • Free e-book entitled “How to Break 90” which shows you how to create a “Playing and Practice Strategy” to break this magic number. The same process that is described in the book can be applied to any scoring goals.
  • Free e-book entitled “Ball Flight Laws” that will illustrate the causes of the common golf swing faults and how to correct them.

3 free Bonus Online Videos to help your swing development start off on the right foot:

  • Free Video entitled “Understanding the mechanics behind common faults”.
  • Free 3 part video series “How to perfect your stance and alignment routines”.
  • Free 3 part video series “How to Break 90” which complements the free e-book download and shows golfers of all levels how to create a strategy to lower their scores.

Do not delay, you have nothing to loose except the frustration of wasted strokes from your round and the time to read the material…

You will not find another program on the internet with this “unique” approach that is coupled with “live” ongoing technical support to help you succeed…

The golf swing is an organic system of joints, levers and motors that is governed by the same principles of motion and complexity of control as any mechanical system.

The number of “moving parts” you have in it is governed by its “flexibility” range and how far you push it beyond this range.

The further you push it beyond your natural flexibility, the more physical breakdowns occur creating “unwanted motion” that increases its complexity and inconsistency.

In many cases these break downs take place without you knowing because they are so difficult to “feel” or detect in real time, even with a trained eye watching you.

All too often the techniques of many instruction courses and golf articles you read are based on the observation of the top class golfers who have spent years developing their physiques.

As technically sound as these courses are, many encourage you to swing well beyond your “physical capabilities” causing “mechanical break downs” simply because they ignore your shape, size and flexibility.

Every golfer has a range within which they can eliminate most “unnecessary motion” thereby improving their balance and optimizing the torque and distance they can generate.

Be prepared for a surprise. Your actual flexibility limits may shock you!….

It does not matter if you are physically restricted by your body shape, by injury, stiffness due to maturing years or by your perceived lack of physical strength.

How the smaller players on the PGA and LPGA achieve huge distances. It can work for you too…

Have you ever wondered how the smaller golfers on the PGA tour, some of whom weigh no more than 160 lbs, are able to achieve huge distances with their irons and drives off the tees?…

Better yet, have you noticed how many of the top players on the LPGA are exceeding 280 yards with their drives and they weigh no more than 125lbs!

On the surface we all marvel at their ability and look at them in awe as super star athletes thinking that there is something “unnatural”, or there is a “deep secret” behind their technique.

The trends in the golf industry are driving the average golfer to seek more distance by slogans such as “swing like the pros” which is sending the wrong message and encouraging golfers to swing well beyond their physical capabilities.

Instead of creating more energy they are doing the opposite!

Awareness of these mental and physical barriers sets a clear direction on how to remove them, instead of wasting the many hours of useless trial and error practice trying to reach your goals.

Discover the power of having the knowledge that uncovers the “secrets” for superior speed and distance performance…

You will soon learn that there are no “secrets” to increase speed as many would have you believe. Every factor of speed performance can be explained by simple physics.

Understanding this will have a far greater impact on the power you can generate than the latest driver that promises those extra 20 yards.

The problem for many golfers is that they know very little about its true mechanics, or how energy and power is created.

Indeed, many golf instructors are unaware of the science behind its mechanics as well.

Big golf companies lure golfers with the latest equipment technology which does nothing more than increase the mental pressure on their games, promoting a vicious cycle that continues to destroy the mechanics and sap the natural power in the first place.

Arm yourself with a little “science” and you will be able to extract the natural talent that is already within you than searching for it elsewhere.

Every aspect of performance can be explained by the “Laws of Motion” that will give you a clear understanding as to how it works and why specific techniques are so important for distance and accuracy performance.

Knowing the range of your flexibility is the first step to improving the consistency. However, that is not enough in itself to produce a solid shot.

You still have to learn how to control it using the “correct sequence of motion”. Operating within your “natural” range takes a great deal of the complexity out of this process.

This greatly simplifies your motion and helps you avoid “lateral movement” which is the primary cause of poor balance and inconsistency.

The more you can learn to control it “within” the natural flexibility of your body using these simple techniques, the more you will improve its consistency.

Bottom line, all the fundamental elements of consistency are tied into the range that is unique to your physique…

The techniques to identify your range will uncover your  “physical limitations”. Don’t feel discouraged, even professional golfers have limits.

Once you know your limitations you have a “physical benchmark” around which you can make further improvements.

In as little as 3 weeks, you can increase your range of motion which will add more energy to the swing for increased distance, and also improved its consistency by further avoiding the problems of a mechanical breakdown caused by poor flexibility.

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Golf Lesson: How to Increase Distance & Swing Consistency