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Does it seem to you, that some of the golfers you know, believe they are somehow superior to non-golfers?

Golf is an incredibly easy and fun sport, to start enjoying at any age and no matter what your current physical condition.

Kids, teens, young adults, thirty somethings and yes, even grandmas and grandpas can be seen outside enjoying themselves together, any given day, at the golfcourse.

It has become one of the fastest growing sports in America and Europe.

It is the only game where grandma can go out with her teenage grandson on a Saturday afternoon and whoop the pants off him.

Try that with a game of basketball, and if she does that well on the basketball court, you have one extraordinary grandma!

But, it is conversely a game which, the next weekend the same teenage grandson can challenge grandma to another round, and have the time of his life, besting his grandma by the end of the 18 holes.

The point is: It is truly for everyone.

It has a system called the “handicap system” which is just a term for a somewhat complicated but fair way of scoring that allows any two people to enjoy competing against each other and themselves out on the golfcourse, regardless of there current skill level.

Does this mean that after playing 5 or 6 games that you could play Tiger Woods and beat him?

No, of course not, he’s Tiger Woods for heavens sake! (Unless he was having a terrible day and then good luck!)

But you could conceivably, with your handicap, play the “Tiger” and have a lot of fun and go home with a score you were not embarrassed to tell your friends about.

This would be totally unlike playing basketball with Michael Jordon, who even in retirement would wipe the court with you like a rag for an entire game in which, you would never hardly get to touch the ball.

And so, the “handicap” is just one of the reasons, that it is one of the only games, you can play with just about anyone and enjoy. And it’s yet another reason it is becoming so wildly popular.

Golfers though can seem to be an intimidating bunch of people.

It is called the “Gentleman’s Game” but from the outside looking in, calling it that serves only to give the game an air of “snobbishness”. A lot of golfers love to pretend that being a golfer is like knowing a big secret.

Anyone can and should be a Golfer.

Golfing has become the favorite pastime of many of my buddies that at one time thought they would never golf.

Golfing is just good clean fun, good exercise and one of the best things you can do on any given morning or afternoon.

Introducing… Golf: Beginner’s Guide


The Golf: Beginner’s Guide Covers….

– Rules and Etiquette
– Picking Equipment: Clubs, Balls and More
– Understanding The Mental Game
– Deciphering “Golf Talk” or Terminology
– “How To” Advice, for Mastering the Swing Tips For Putting, Driving, and Other Shots, That Will Make It Fun For You From The Get Go!

And more…..

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Golf: Beginner’s Guide