Golden Aromatherapy Ancient Recipes – Level 1 & 2 Training Course


Golden Aromatherapy Ancient Recipes – Level 1 & 2 Training Course


What if you could uncover all the Newly Updated, Improved (and RE-Proven) Ancient Aromatherapy Recipes, plus create ANY outcome you’d like to create anything you wish for you or your clients…

Now, all that is possible and more because Golden Aromatherapy Ancient Recipes – Level 1 & 2 Training Course is sharing their most coveted secret recipes, tips, tricks, and sequencing techniques…

The Most Amazing Part?

This Simple, 2 Course Training System Will Set You Toe-to-Toe with the Most Sought After Paid Aromatherapy Healers in the World…Plus Instantly Boost Your Power to Transform Your Own Life, allowing you to identify EXACTLY which essential oils, herbs and colors you must INFUSE to make them work for YOU—NOW…

(The Secret? Use these recipes BEFORE you attempt anything else in your life or your clients).

And to date, The Golden Aromatherapy Ancient Recipes – Level 1 & 2 Training Course are STILL the only proven programs you’ll get your hands on, online and off.

First, just imagine what you could DO with these recipes…

Your life, unfolding, exactly how you’ve envisioned it—changing in any way you’d like, any time you’d like. Empowering the lives of your friends, family, loved ones and clients exactly as you’ve dreamed?

And YOU hold all the power.

Without it, your life pales in comparison.

(You just won’t be able to realize just how amazing your life can become, until you’re beyond the “experimentation” part of the program – more on that soon).

If you want people to BELIEVE you’re powerful…and tap into the universal compass to find the people to bring you to power…you’ll know which essential oils to mix, with which herbs, and which color energies you need… in this program.

And most importantly—if you want to help CLIENTS achieve their dreams, but you feel like your results could be better—or you believe there’s always a way to improve—then you’ll want to get this program now (before the price goes up).

Truth is, by the time you finish the program, you’ll know EXACTLY which essential oils, herbs and energies to INFUSE together to create the perfect aromatherapeutic options to unleash a wellspring of money, love, success and luck…


The Golden Aromatherapy Ancient Recipes – Level 1 & 2 Training Course Delivers Exactly What You Need

Unlike many courses online that only give you “bits and pieces” of information on aromatherapy and essential oils, this will cover ALL the basics (and beyond)…

Meaning you’ll get a behind-the-scenes, FULL COLOR, deep dive into the techniques and “core” information you’ll need to not only harness the divine power of essential oils, but also how to mix them and use them on yourself and even clients!

By the time you’ve finished Level 1, you’ll KNOW…

  • The Simple System to Uncovering the Predominate “Color of Energy” possessed in each oil (plus how to leverage it’s power to transform the body, mind, and reality—almost instantly)
  • 1 Recipe that Attracts Love Without Fail
  • The CLAIRVOYANTS SECRET (which essential oils to infuse into your life to unlock your own sixth senses, and pre-program your life in any way you’d like)—clients buy these in dark alleyways around the world, and pay a small fortune to boot! Who wouldn’t, right?
  • How to instantly dissolve negative energies (so you feel amazing) from the inside out
  • Why you must use THIS specific essential oil to Magnetize More Wealth, Clients, Success and Power (no one ever guesses what it is! But once you realize it’s power, you’ll never leave home without it again)
  • The 10-second anxiety release ‘cure’ that dissolves fears, and dissipates worries faster than anything else I’ve discovered (plus it smells so amazing, everyone will take a deep breath—and relax!)
  • How to mix the Health Essentials (unleash a torrent of healing throughout your body—and clients love this), plus you’ll realize where to put your oils for best results
  • What NEVER to mix together, and were NEVER to keep your essential oils, or aromatherapy mixes (make this mistake, and you may regret it for quite a long time)
  • The SAFE PURIFICATION MASSAGE: what simple ‘trick of the trade’ helps you to unblock and prevent negative energies from clients in mere seconds (the faster it works, the bigger your reputation and the more you’ll get paid so it’s WORTH learning this very basic, secret recipe)
  • Why I hand-formulate ALL of my own aromatherapy sprays, creams, soaps and candles (you’ll get my precise, step by step recipes, so you’ll master these techniques in no time)
  • The No-Error Technique to knowing exactly what to blend, to change what you want, anytime—anywhere
  • Plus you’ll participate in LIVE EXPERIMENTS meaning you get to FEEL how different essential oils effect you (learn this and you’ll be 100X’s more powerful than 99% of the people on our planet)


And if you feel like that alone will provide the life transformation you’re craving, just look at how much more powerful you’ll become after Course #2
Because once you’ve mastered level 1, you’re ready to step into level #2 and discover…

  • The Absent Master Technique: Imagine healing anyone you know, or who hires you, from anywhere in the world (never set foot outside your door). You’ll discover the REAL secrets to Distance Healing with Aromatherapy the Fast Way (without opening channels that put them in harms way!)
  • Which minor energy centers must be cleared to achieve specific goals (you’ll know precisely what to infuse into what, and when to make this a reality for you and your loved ones)
  • Internal Organ Purification Made Easy: How to use essential oils and sprays to purify your and your clients most troubled organs (plus what this has to do with manifesting anything BEYOND health)
  • Which “New Age Chemists Secrets” you can leverage to put yourself and your clients on the Fast Track for more success and happiness and abundance in EVERY area of life (without risking a shift in the time-space continuum)
  • PLUS Salt, Sugar and even Coffee Scrubs (how you can use these powerful natural occurring substances to imbue your wishes, and feel super soft silky skin too—clients love this and pay a small fortune to have them handcrafted)
  • And much, much more.

Just how easily can you absorb, digest, and empower yourself (and people who pay you) with this knowledge?

Quickly. Easily. Some even say, “Effortlessly…”

Strategically designed, this step by step online “workshop” gently guides you through the How-To Videos and Recipes that make digesting and using this powerful information quick and easy.

So easy, in fact, it’s designed to help enthusiasts with virtually ZERO knowledge of essential oils become MASTERS in no time, and help masters move beyond their shortcomings with time-tested techniques that elevate your results.

So no matter who you are, or where you’re from, or how long you’ve been practicing…there’s something that makes this workshop worth everything you’ll invest—and some say, 10X’s more.

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Golden Aromatherapy Ancient Recipes – Level 1 & 2 Training Course