Give Me Desperate Buyers Only – How To Create Infoproducts Guide



But you will discover how to create infoproducts for people who are begging… screaming… crying… pacing the floor… pulling their hair out… lying awake because they’re nervous about something, or they just plain want something with an extreme passion or drive.

You get ‘em when they’re emotional, you say the right combination of things on your web site, and you’ve got an information product that you can sell for life.

The hardest part is knowing who those buyers are, and being able to create a persuasive message when they’re on that emotional rollercoaster. If you don’t have all your ducks lined up in a row, the process just doesn’t click.

And therein lies the power of Desperate Buyers Only.

Give Me Desperate Buyers Only – How To Create Infoproducts Guide

This 168 page manual is like a one-month boot camp workout session, concentrated into a single day.

This isn’t fuzzy wuzzy Possibility Thinking 101. This is what works.

You’ll see…

+ Does your topic REALLY push your prospects hot button? Say “yes” to any one of these 12 questions, and you’ll know that you’re on the right track.
+ Can you give _____________ instead of information? This is the one question that INSTANTLY show why certain e-books just didn’t sell over the years.
+ 4 Ways to ‘season’ your e-book so that readers want it NOW, NOW, NOW!
+ How to find an abundance of desperate topics on a commonly used type of website. (It has NOTHING to do with forums or Google.)
+ Learn how to figure out what people are desperate to learn about. You will NEVER run out of potential topics.
+ The Internet marketing niche ISN’T overcrowded -if- you know how to laser target this audience. In 30+ pages you’ll learn the secrets for selling to this FOREVER desperate niche. (Nobody else is teaching this stuff.)
+ 3 Ways to write your e-book, including the nit-picky important details that keep your customers happy, and your refunds low.
+ Learn how to get the most targeted traffic possible.
+ AdWords for Cheapskates. Discover new methods to keep your costs low and your conversion high.
+ The no-wasting-time ‘cheaters’ technique to get all the publicity you want for your e-book.
+ Meet the Q&A Sales Letter Worksheet…
+ How TO GIVE AWAY one of your e-books, and generate profits WITHOUT including any affiliate links, or pushing a back-end sale.
+ Situations when you should definitely do print – and why.
+ Discover step-by-step how to find desperate topics using the techniques in this manual. You’ll see exactly how where to get ideas from.

This is a system that’s so precise, a full 90% of e-books generate cash on a consistent basis.


Give Me Desperate Buyers Only – How To Create Infoproducts Guide