Ghost Hunters Guide to Hauntings, Paranormal Activity and Spirits


Ghost Hunters Guide to Hauntings, Paranormal Activity and Spirits


If you’ve been looking for a no-nonsense guide to get you quickly started on your first ghost hunt or to help improve your next one, then you’ve found it. With our simple, concise guidelines, tools and expert tips you can become an effective ghost hunter or paranormal investigator in your own right and save time, money, and effort while avoiding embarrassing and costly mistakes. Let us help guide you to the best results possible.

Through first-hand experience, unique insights, and proven techniques, you’ll be able to handle hauntings and other ghostly activity simply and inexpensively while keeping a cool head and a steady hand.

Ghost Hunters Guide to Hauntings, Paranormal Activity and Spirits

This report scrapes away the fluff and filler and helps you hit the ground running with key guidelines and insights that will help ensure that your search for ghostly and paranormal activity is a success.

This Amazing Report Will Open Your Eyes

Dreaming of successfully hunting and sighting ghosts is one thing. Taking the steps to actually live that dream is another. This report will open your eyes to what is possible and how to start making your ghost hunting ambitions a reality.

This ebook draws from thousands of hours of research and first-hand experience. It pulls no punches and tells it like it really is.

This Comprehensive Report Explodes the Myths and Exposes the Truth

Forget the media hype. If you want to know what a real hunt or investigation is all about then you owe it to yourself to gather as many behind-the-scenes and in-the-trenches insights as possible. It’s the nuts & bolts, proper background information, and due consideration of others that make all the difference between success and frustration. We’ve compiled and distilled the very best and most useful information available from years of research activity. Now you can benefit from this extensive experience and massive resource at a fraction of the normal price.

Real Ghost Hunting — from a Ghost Hunter’s Perspective

Ghost Hunters and paranormal investigators are a different breed. Most have a different way of looking at things. Their inherent initiative demands shrewd insights and solid information sources to help them hit the ground running. It was written by ghost hunters for ghost hunters. We’ve done the groundwork, so you don’t have to.

Experience the Fascination and Thrill of a Paranormal Encounter

If you’re considering a first step into the fascinating and thrilling world of ghost hunting, or if you’re looking to dramatically improve your experience the next time you go ghosting, then you need access to top-notch information and first-hand knowledge. It was created to help guide you through the maze.

Avoid Frustration and Spend Your Time More Effectively

Some say that you can’t learn from the mistakes of others. We beg to differ. The experiences of others can provide essential insights and guidance. This informative report gives you the chance to learn from the experiences of those who have not only been there, but have learned the hard way. Let them teach you.

Which Approach is Best For You?

You have your own reasons for wanting to search out ghosts and spirits. Perhaps it’s to learn more about life after death. Perhaps you’d like to experience the thrill of your first paranormal encounter. Maybe you’d like to establish your own paranormal research or ghost hunting group to investigate purported hauntings in your area. Perhaps you’re simply looking for a bit of extra excitement in your life. Or maybe you’d like to enjoy one or more of these benefits while helping others to better understand and deal with strange paranormal events that may be going on around them. Whatever your reasons, they’re what make your situation and approach unique, and why you need real answers.

Like an Old Friend, Guiding You Each Step of the Way

Like an old friend, this report can help you find your way through the maze of theories, practices, legal issues, equipment, paperwork and alternatives that you will be presented with. It’s a different world out there. Be prepared.

We’ll Even Tell You How We Get Our Best Results in Record Time!

We’ll walk you through the entire ghost hunting process from a simple ghosting vigil to a full-blown paranormal investigation. We’ll tell you what we and others have done to get the best results in the shortest possible time. And just as importantly, we’ll tell you to what to expect and what to be prepared for both before and after you arrive on site. Along the way we discuss gems of inside observation that only insiders can provide.

How to Find the Best Haunted Buildings, Structures, and Sites

We’ll provide the tools and information necessary to help you find the best hauntings and the houses, graveyards, structures, roads and sites most likely to display ghost and spirit activity.

Loaded with Timely Information Worth a King’s Ransom

If only this report had existed when we were first getting started in scientific ghost hunting. We would have gladly paid ten times more than it’s ridiculously low price today. If just one idea or bit of information could help keep you from making a costly mistake, imagine how much you stand to gain from the hundreds of suggestions, tips, resources, links and ideas laid out in this comprehensive report — it’s truly priceless!

A Ghost in Every House is bulging with a wealth of information, resources, links and tips to get you started, and more importantly, to help keep you moving toward your goal.

You wouldn’t dream of stepping off a plane or boat in a strange country without first researching it. This report is like advance inside information on steroids. Nothing else even comes close. It blows the lid off the ghost-hunting hype and exposes the soft underbelly of the paranormal community. In short, it tells it like it really is — and if you act quickly, it tells it all.

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Ghost Hunters Guide to Hauntings, Paranormal Activity and Spirits