Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days: Interview Secrets


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Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days: Interview Secrets


Find out what hundreds of happy teachers have used to…

Discover the insider secrets of successful interviews.

Retired teacher and interviewer shows you common mistakes you MUST avoid to stop losing jobs to competitors

It’s not fair, is it?

You’ve poured years of blood, sweat and tears into preparing to teach….

You burned the midnight oil studying.

You consumed countless cups of coffee to stay awake during classes.

And you know in your heart you’re one of the good ones, don’t you?

Kids Need Good Teachers Like You— But There’s One Thing Standing In Your Way…

The teaching job interview.

…where you have to outshine hundreds of other applicants…

…while every last one of them is doing their dead-level best to rip that teaching job right out of your hands.

Competition Is Stiff Because…

Let’s face it, the economy is raggedy-rough these days, isn’t it?

More and more people are being laid off from corporate jobs. And many of them are going into teaching.

Maybe you’re one of them…and that’s great because it is a very rewarding career.

You’re up against some of the best and the brightest. To stand out and get the job, you’ve got to have an edge.

It’s not enough anymore just to have a certification and a burning desire to help kids. You’ve got to ace the interview.

To Become A Teacher, You Must Be Prepared To Confidently Answer Interview Questions Like… “Tell me how you’d deal with this discipline situation…”

Are You Prepared? Can You Confidently Answer…

1. Questions on classroom discipline and dealing with parents?

2. Questions about your experience and your background?

3. Tricky situational type questions of every type?

4. Behavioral type questions of all kinds?

5. Technical questions on use of computers and technology in classrooms?

6. All the questions that start with “Why”, “How”, and “When”?

…and do you know the questions the interviewer expects YOU to ask?

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know…most of the best teacher applicants weren’t prepared for those questions.

Presenting… Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days: Interview Secrets

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This is IT, the ebook that pulls back the curtain and shows you what you need to know.

Imagine knowing in advance the most likely questions you’ll be asked… along with the best answers.

Wouldn’t that give you a huge advantage?

Of course it would!

It’s like having your own personal hiring manager for a coach—you simply cannot lose!

Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days: Interview Secrets is THE one critical “must-have” resource that you need to open the door to your new career

What’s in it? Literally TONS of actual interview questions that are asked every single day by real interviewers…along with fully explained answers.

Each answer is a complete lesson in itself. And you’ve got to know them because teaching is so competitive that one wrong answer will cost you the job… no matter how qualified you are.

Take a peek at some of the benefits you get in Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days: Interview Secrets

  • How to impress interviewers by preparing your portfolio the right way
  • Questions you’ll get about your portfolio and how to answer them
  • How to prepare an excellent lesson plan, and a detailed sample lesson plan
  • How to get a superior parent recommendation letter, and a perfect sample
  • How to get your resume read and considered…instead of thrown away
  • How to create a killer Cover Letter that grabs their attention
  • What you must put in your resume—and what you must leave OUT
  • Sample teacher resumes and cover letters—these are the one that interviewers have loved best, and they’re from all subject areas
  • Mistakes to avoid—make one of these and you risk getting a “No” from the HR department
  • What they’re really looking for on references and letters of recommendation – this will boost your chances of getting selected

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

And as if that’s not enough, you’ll also find out what insiders know about letters of recommendation and initial interview screenings, including…

  • The best people to ask for a letter of recommendation
  • How to get the right person to write an outstanding letter of recommendation
  • Sample recommendation letter that you can modify and use
  • How to leverage social networking sites for maximum advantage so you look competent, capable and enthusiastic
  • Everything you need to prepare for your initial screening
  • Exactly what the interviewers want to hear from you and what they do NOT want to hear– these are the insider secrets that only the interviewers know!
  • What your classroom management plan should be like…including answers to questions about classroom management plan and a sample detailed classroom management plan for you
  • Fully detailed sample syllabus curriculum newsletter
  • Head-to-toes guide on how to dress for the teacher interview, for both men and women
  • Avoid getting rejected – What you must NOT say during your interview – say a wrong thing & you are out in no time, for sure!
  • Plus, you get everything you need to know about demonstration lessons and questions, such as…
  1. How to prepare a terrific demonstration lesson…and deliver it with professional polish
  2. Why you need not fear the demonstration lesson – the smart way to make it easy yet highly effective for you!
  3. Things you must avoid in the demonstration lesson—sidestep these and you greatly increase your chances of getting the job
  4. Complete guide to negotiating your salary and incentives – factors to take into account
  5. Taking the worry out of your work history– extra interview questions related to work history, along with detailed answers so you’ll know how to answer
  6. Personality questions and the answers the interviewers are looking for
  7. Tricky situational questions that keep even the most qualified candidates up all night worrying—now you can read the answers and practice the right responses
  8. Hidden motives—why they’re REALLY asking you those situational/scenario questions – get this right and you’ll have no problem!
  9. Behavioral questions and the motive behind them – so you can avoid falling into their traps!
  10. Questions the interviewers expect YOU to ask them – This is one last thing that you must do, and it’s so very critical.

…and much, much more, including hundreds of actual interview questions and answers that won teacher jobs for real candidates!

This stuff works. People in 70 different countries including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and India have got teacher jobs after reading this guide…and you will, too!

This Is The “Must-Have-To-Get-The-Job” Guide For ALL Teaching Jobs—Not Just Public Schools…

You’ll gain a significant advantage over your competition if you are interviewing for…

– Kindergarten Teacher
– Primary school (Prep to Year 6);
– Secondary school (Year 7 to 12);
– Middle years school (Year 5-9)
– P-10/12 school (Prep to Year 10/12);
– Schools of excellence;
– Special schools;
– Hospital schools;
– Schools of distance education and school of the air;
– Centers for continuing secondary education;
– Outdoor and environmental education centers

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Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days: Interview Secrets