Get Organized, Get Happy: How to Declutter and Organize Your Home




Get Organized, Get Happy: How to Declutter and Organize Your Home



GOOD NEWS FOR Stressed out moms… small space dwellers…. the chronically disorganized and… everyone else who is overwhelmed with their stuff.

How to drop your clutter baggage and feel the amazing relief of a fresher, less filled, organized home in 7 days or less.

How you can easily live lighter and happier where you are right now.

Introducing… Get Organized, Get Happy: How to Declutter and Organize Your Home


Here’s a quick preview of the valuable information you’ll have at your fingertips.

What you get is a proven practical room by room, step by step blueprint with flexible strategies that you can make your own.

Easy to understand language… and specific tips for all those clutter hotspots in your home like clothes, closets, files and paperwork.

5 decluttering methods are included so you can swap, change and use what really works for you and the one technique that you must know.

And that’s just a small taste of what’s in store

  • The one rule that immediately blocks clutter from your home (page 9)
  • How to identify your clutter and let go with confidence (pages 10, 12)
  • Your 7 biggest clutter traps and how to get out of them (page11)
  • The 3 biggest mistakes that sabotage any clutter clearing forever (page 22)
  • 40 Items you can get rid of right now that won’t make any difference to your life (page 88)
  • The 15 keys you must know to declutter from the inside out (pages 13, 53, 76)
  • 5 room filled out decluttering blueprint for professional handholding support, so you have an example to follow (pages 25-39)
  • 5 room filled out organizing blueprint for even more step by step handholding support (pages 53-75)
  • How to dump your mental clutter for a fresh start (page 11)
  • 5 step foolproof clutter busting system (page 15)
  • Why the Clutterfree keys double your storage without spending a cent (page 77)
  • The 7-second keystone habits that will keep your house neat and tidy (page 46)
  • The 1 decluttering technique you absolutely must follow or you are doomed to failure (page 22)


Just picture this for a moment. You come home tired from work or a day out. You open your door…. smile and relax because you see a welcoming clean and tidy home. You walk into your spotless kitchen and make some tea. Your favorite dinner is in the fridge all ready to be cooked.

Paperwork, bills, laundry are under control… everything is where it should be. You feel contented and confident. Every item has its home so putting away is easy. There is nothing for you to do but sit down, relax and enjoy your time. Your home is a creative inspiring place to be. Your weekend is free for fun. What a joy.

Simple Solutions for Your Everyday Clutter Problems

If you are serious about dumping your clutter baggage and taking action for a fresher more organized home …and you want an easy road map and… the right handholding from start to finish… your search is over…

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Get Organized, Get Happy: How to Declutter and Organize Your Home