Garage With Apartment Plans And More


Garage With Apartment Plans And More


Finally get started on that garage with apartment you’ve always wanted!


If you are interested in building it, this is going to be the most exciting information you will ever read.

Save hundreds of dollars on your designs. Several different packages that allow you to get designs at unheard of prices. You pay and download the blueprints immediately. They can then be printed on your home computer for the initial small proof copies or take them to a local copy center for printing. They are designed to be printed on 11 x 17 paper at 1/8″ scale or on 22 x 34 paper at 1/4″ scale. They also come in different formats, the PDF files allow for immediate printing and the DWG files can be used by your engineer or builder to change or modify them. Most other companies charge $500 just for access to the DWG version of the blueprints!

Introducing… Garage With Apartment Plans And More


Download 20 Spec Sheets

They make a great addition to any property. Designs include living quarters with a kitchen, bathroom and at least one bedroom. Living quarters are separate from the garage area.

Each design contains a complete set of construction blueprints with everything you’ll need to get approved and started on your project.

Plus, 20 more designs absolutely FREE!

And top of everything you’ll receive 5 cabin and 5 house designs with this incredible deal! All at no additional cost!

These designs are usually sold for hundreds of dollars. This package is easily worth more than $10,000!

Less than $1.00 per design

Worried that one of these designs won’t be exactly what you need? Well stop worrying! If after purchasing these designs you find that you would like one modified to fit your needs, let us know and we’ll be able to offer you rock bottom prices for your changes!

Now make sure that you follow these tips so that you can them plans easily.

“Complete Construction Ready Blueprints”

“All designs are available INSTANTLY with a link to download and print”

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Garage With Apartment Plans And More