Freelance Courier Driver Jobs


Freelance Courier Driver Jobs


The UK’s No.1 Courier Guide. Becoming A “Self Employed Freelance Courier” Could Make YOU Over £1500 A Week!

Just Driving Delivering Parcels In Your Own Car or Van… The ONLY manual written by Courier Professionals…… £300 or More – Every Day – Just For Driving!

No Bull – Real Facts Genuine Insider Knowledge Totally No Nonsense Information



Self Employed Courier Cover

Firstly, this is a self-employment opportunity to make £300+per day, delivering important documents nationwide, using your own car or van, and for which you could be well paid!

This is a business in which you can earn a considerable income every day, and with little or no start up costs. Get started now with this easy to follow step by step manual.

Our staff have over 22 years experience in the Freelance Courier Market, therefore we feel well placed to offer you this amazing, straight-forward no nonsense manual. Everything you need to know to get started, within a matter of a few days, is fully explained.

The courier market is vast, with some Freelance Couriers earning over £1500 per week. Most couriers simply start up using their own car and could easily earn £1500 per week right from the start, using the information that is now available to you.

You don’t have to work all the hours that god sends to earn an excellent income. And unlike many stressful jobs out there, this work is quite relaxed. The average working day for couriers is between 6-8 hours. Some can obviously be longer, but some days can be shorter. Being your own boss allows you the flexibility to choose when you want to work, rather than having your boss tell you that you have to work. All you have to do is follow our advice in our manual and you should be on the “road to success”.

Some opportunities sound just too good to be true, but we are sure that with this manual offering the knowledge of very experienced couriers will give you every chance of success. If you are reasonably intelligent, of smart appearance, own a car or van, then all you need to potentially earn £300+ per day, is the basic knowledge provided in this manual. £300 per day is £1500 per week, that’s over £70,000 per year and it could be yours!

If you would prefer to ‘test the water’ on a part-time basis, as many people do, there is an enormous amount of freelance work available, and the manual will give you all the necessary details.

There’s a list 1100 Courier Companies that can all provide work for you, and the ebook has the necessary documentation to get you an introduction in the right manner. No stock or storage space is required, and everything you need to get started in a matter of days is in the ebook!


The Benefits

+ Over 22 years experience in the Freelance Courier Market.
+ Start up with little or no capital.
+ Low risk opportunity (part-time work, stay with you current job).
+ Earn as much or as little as you want (totally flexible).
+ List of 1100 courier companies offering work.
+ Information about petrol engine vehicles that run cheaper than diesels.
+ No stock or storage space required.
+ No boss telling you what to do.
+ Documentation to get that professional introduction so you stand out from the rest.
+ All the courier secrets revealed in one publication to enable your success.
+ Step by step easy to follow information.
+ How to meet the insurance requirements and reducing costs.
+ How to pay little or no tax.
+ Avoid the pitfalls, and comes with our no quibble money back guarantee.

Even if you choose not to become a same day courier, we can still show you how to make substantial savings per year on your motoring expenses, which could be worth thousands to you!

Contents of This 60 Page Freelance Courier Manual

1.Benefits of Becoming a Freelance Courier
2.What is Required to be a Courier?
3.Background to the Courier Industry
4.What is the Same Day Courier Industry?
5.What Does a Courier’s Job Involve?
6.Getting Started
7.Your Earnings Potential
8.How to Invoice.
9.Example Copy of an Invoice
10.Example Copy of a Delivery Note
11.Being Self-Employed.
12.Taking Care of Your Tax and Vat.
13.Keeping Your Records up to Date.
14.Type of Vehicle That is required
15.Insurance Cover for Couriers.
16.Terms and Conditions of Carriage
17.Sample of Introductory Letter
18.1100 Couriers Listed

Is There Much Competition in the Courier Industry?

Yes, is the answer, a great deal of competition, but don’t worry, the courier companies are your business partners and not your competition. These companies rely on Freelance Couriers every day.


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