Food Truck Business Guide


Food Truck Business Guide


Create your own food truck business with this guide!

Stop your Internet searching and get the TRUTH about starting a food truck business from an actual food truck owner and operator.

The Food Truck Truth is your introduction to the world of owning and operating a food truck and is written by a real and active food truck operator. Inside, you will learn everything including planning your concept, building your truck, obtaining your permits, optimizing operations and branding your truck.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Patience + Persistence

Part One: Your Concept & Plan

1. Three Ingredients of Success
2. Giving People What They Want
3. The Power of Niche
4. Business Plan
5. Other Important, but Boring Stuff
6. Cutting Start-up Costs
7. Resources

Part Two: Acquisition, Design & Build-out

8. What Truck to Get
9. Where to Buy or Lease Your Truck
10. How to Design Your Dream Truck
11. Is This a 2 Person Show? 3? 4?
12. Protecting Yourself and Your Business
13. Resources

Part Three: Permits, Licensing & Regulations

14. Parking, Depots & Other Leg Work
15. Regulations
16. Permits & Licensing
17. Resources

Part Four: Operations & Logistics

18. Truck Operations
19. Priorities
20. Location, Location, Location
21. Employees
22. Handling Cash & Credit
23. Maintenance Costs
24. Dealing with Others
25. A Word About Restaurants vs. Food Trucks
26. Resources

Part Five: Branding & Social Media

27. Start with Why
28. How to Communicate With Your Followers
29. How to Build Followers
30. Build & Manage Meaningful Relationships
31. Local or Scalable Brand?
32. Advertising
33. Choose Your Style
34. Resources

Final Thoughts

This book is an instant direct download in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat or another PDF reader to view the book. This PDF file can also be copied onto your e-reader so that you can take the Truth with you! For a one-time, purchase price of $79, it can be yours!

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Food Truck Business Guide