Focus Pocus – 100 Ways to Help Your Child Pay Attention!


focus-pocus-headerFocus Pocus – 100 Ways to Help Your Child Pay Attention!


The 100 tips in Focus Pocus will help you as parents and teachers, but most of all, they’ll help your kids learn to “Listen!” “Pay attention.” “Stop daydreaming.” And “Focus!”

The book includes hints on how to pay attention in the classroom. It lists ways kids can focus on homework. There are strategies, techniques and little tricks that will help your child pay attention – whether or not they are on medication, whether or not they are labeled ADHD.


– To make vocabulary words easier to learn, divide them up into small groups, and study each in a different room.
– To give a multi-sensory whammy to math, have your child talk through math problems out loud.
– To help students copy homework assignments correctly, write them on the board in different or alternating colors.
– To keep kids from zoning out through verbal reminders to pay attention, flash the lights or ring a bell.
– To help your child sit still through a “boring class”, teach them appropriate ways to fidget.

With the help of the strategies in this book your child will learn how to pay attention when it was hard – homework, boring classes, even watching television.

Your children can learn these techniques. Just think, with this book you’ll have 100 tools that will make paying attention a lot easier! When you see your child’s mind start to wander, you’ll have concrete, tried and true solutions that will help your child get back on track.

If you know the daily struggle of trying to get a child to focus, if you’re searching for positive and encouraging ways to teach kids to pay attention, then you owe it to yourself – you owe it to your child – to read this book today!

You’ll learn:

How to keep a child on task while doing chores. (Read Hint #3)
What to do with that child who can’t pay attention through your evening meal. (Read Hint #13)
How to keep a child from being overwhelmed by all the problems on a page. (Read Hint #5)
Ways to jump start attention in the middle of testing. (Read Hint #22)
What important facts will make it easier to focus. (Read Hint #45)

All this and more is in Focus Pocus – 100 Ways to Help Your Child Pay Attention!

Don’t waste another minute! Get your copy right now, and start counting all the ways that you’ve helped your child to pay attention!

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