Fly Fishing from Scratch – Best Fly Fishing Guide Book


Who Else Wants To Learn How To Maximize Their Fly Fishing Success In The Shortest Time Possible?

You’re probably making critical mistakes in your efforts and don’t even know it!

The mistakes will not only harm your chances of catching many fish, you won’t experience the true fun as a result of your lack of success.

Introducing… Fly Fishing from Scratch – Best Fly Fishing Guide Book


This guide book is designed to help you learn more about fly-fishing wherever you are in the world.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside Fly Fishing from Scratch – Best Fly Fishing Guide Book:

  • Gain total knowledge about the five main types of artificial fly used in fly fishing for trout. You’ll know exactly what to use in each type of fly fishing situation to maximize your chances of catching more fish, as well as learn all about my all time favorite flies!
  • Find out the 5 essential pieces of equipment that you must have as a fly fisherman. Take away any of these basic elements and fly-fishing becomes an almost impossible task.
  • Find out how to use each of these essential pieces of equipment to the best potential, so that you can maximize the number of fish that you catch in your available time.
  • You’ll learn how to shoot the fly line forward through the air with greater speed and accuracy.
  • Special ONLINE VIDEOS for you to watch so that you can see EXACTLY how to fly cast! Because it is only when you actually see an experienced caster practicing the art that you fully get an idea about how to do it yourself.
  • Ever wondered why there are different rod weights? You’ll learn why this is so and how to make best use of each of the different types of rod, both in your decision as to which rods to buy and when you are out fishing. Hint: Rod weights are NOT related to fish weight – you don’t need a big rod to catch a big fish.
  • Discover which fly rod “action” you need to use for what type of rod and why.
  • Like so many styles of fishing rod, fly rods usually come in more than one piece. In other words, before you can use the rod, you have to assemble it. Find out the exact differences between 2 piece and 4 piece rods… and which rod is best for you and why!
  • Learn all about fly rod handles. This is essential if you want a handle that lasts longer and is more pleasant on your hands.
  • For all you beginners out there, discover what the recommended novice fly fisher rod is.
  • Find out the difference between floating and sinking lines and which is best for the location that you are fishing in.
  • A recent development in technology has seen the emergence of the “sink-tip” fly line. This is a normal floating fly line which turns into a sinking line in its final two of three meters. You’ll learn the benefits of these types of lines and what locations and scenarios they are best used in.
  • Detailed explanation of the different fly line configurations so that you know what’s best if you want to fly fish on windy conditions, such as on rivers, versus still conditions, such as on lakes.
  • Discover a number of different kinds of fish that you can catch
  • Find out the one essential piece of fly-fishing tackle where these days you can actually get very good quality for a very low price. It is good to know that you can save a bit of money on something of quality!
  • Discover the secrets of feathered lures and how to use them to their ultimate potential!
  • Find out the optimal amount of “backing” that you should have under your fly line, and why. You need backing because it creates a ‘bed’ for the fly line to rest on and it provides a whole lot of extra line in case you hook a very big fish that runs a long way out when you’re playing it, yet if there is too much backing on the reel, the spool will overflow when you put the fly line over the top! This is essential information.
  • Learn all about top-quality fly reels and the issue of ‘drag’.
  • Find out one thing that you must know when buying a reel! Miss this and you will struggle to catch any fish at all.
  • Discover in detail the different methods for attaching your trace to your fly line – and your fly to your trace. This is vital knowledge that you can’t do without! Also you’ll find out how long your trace needs to be and why.
  • Find out what a tapered trace is and how they can help you to cast better. Also find out the main problem with tapered traces and how to solve it so that you get the best use out of them throughout the day. It’s quite an easy fix, but it makes your fly-fishing success a whole lot better!
  • Why “wind knots” suddenly appear in your trace and what to do about it to get back on track as soon as possible!
  • The biggest mistake that most people make when assembling their rod and what to do about it! Make this mistake and your casting distance will be severely impaired.
  • Despite the fact that trout are shy creatures which are easily ‘spooked’, wild trout are fearsome predators. Find out everything you need to know about the ‘fly’. You’ll also discover some of the flies used to catch other species of fish such as salmon and bone fish.
  • The five VITAL rules for stalking trout on a bank. Don’t follow these and you are seriously harming your potential to catch fish.
  • The important thing that you must do when threading the rod with line. Fail to do this and you will deprive yourself of the rod’s full power when casting and playing fish.
  • Once you have decided on and purchased a suitable set of basic equipment, you still have to put it all together before you can head out and catch a fish. It is crucial to rig your equipment up correctly – otherwise you’ll end up with nothing but tangles and frustrations on the river bank. The good news is I show you in easy to follow step-by-step detail how to do all of this so that it becomes second nature and you’ll be able to rig up your equipment like a pro within a matter of minutes and dismantle it quickly as well!

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Fly Fishing from Scratch – Best Fly Fishing Guide Book