Fighter Abs Training Program


Fighter Abs Training Program


Breakthrough 3 Phase Formula TARGETS Lower Belly Fat And MELTS 3 Inches Off Your Waist In The Next 28 Days WITHOUT Ever Having To Leave Your Own Living Room.

…And It’s So Powerful,You’ll Burn 4x More Belly Fat In Only 15 Minutes Than Anything You’ve Done In The Past.

Yes, That’s Right! YOU Can Have Ripped-Abs Like The Pro-Fighters You See On TV Using ZERO EQUIPMENT.

No more long boring workouts on cardio machines or back-breaking sit-ups. Find out the secret that-fighters are using to get their SHREDDED-ABS.

Let’s Face It… Fighters-Have The Best Pair Of Ripped-Abs Of Anyone In Any Other Sport.

Did you know that performing high rep ab-workouts, over time, can make you store fat around your belly?

Did you also know that it can increase your chances of lower back pain?

It may sound hard to believe, but the most efficient way to train your-abs is by doing LESS.

ONLY If you are performing the correct exercises in the proper sequence.

Have you ever wondered how-fighters have such nice-abs and look so ripped?

Discover What Other Trainers Are Calling “The Game Changer” To Abdominal Training

In this training system we will be focusing on exercises that burn belly fat and train your abdominals at the same time!

Not only will you feel your-abs work, you will also feel other muscles in your body work as well.

We will be pairing total body exercises with isolated core exercises in a circuit fashion to effectively and efficiently provide optimal results.

This is by far the best solution that fighters-use to get ripped-abs.

Introducing… Fighter Abs Training Program


The Fighter Abs Training Program training system is split up into 3 phases to make sure optimal progression is being considered.

Unfortunately many programs out there don’t consider any type of periodization. Which means you will plateau quickly.

A lot of programs out there just slap on a couple of workouts and say “here you go”. Hoping that you get results.

This Is Not That! When You Follow The Breakthrough 3 Phase Formula You Get GUARANTEED RESULTS

You will never plateau and will always be progressing!

Phase 1 – The Foundation Phase

In this phase, we are going to revamp your metabolism and turn it into a fat burning machine. Right off the bat, you are going to be burning calories throughout the day and even while you sleep. The workouts in this phase will prepare your body for what’s to come. We will be focusing on full body exercises that give you the most “bang for your buck” in burning calories and melting off belly fat.

Phase 2 – Fighter Core Strength Phase

This is where you’re going to start to see those-abs. Your core strength will be through the rough. The circuits get more intense and your-abs are going to start to burn. The movements start to get more intense, making sure you progress appropriately. More advanced abdominal exercises will also be introduced to target your midsection, making sure we are targeting any fat around the stomach and getting your-abs to appear.

Phase 3 – Final Competition Prep

In the final phase we will be targeting the lower belly fat and get those lower-abs to appear. I know you want-abs but I want to get you a FULL SIX PACK. That’s why we are going to make sure you see nothing but abs-and-a-flat-midsection when you look at your stomach. I will also be introducing higher intense conditioning to shred off that last inch or two of body fat. After this phase your abs will be ripped like-a-fighter about to enter the ring.

Each phase will last 2 weeks each. Once the program is completed, THE RESULTS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

These are some of the benefits you will reap from the PROVEN Fighter Abs Training Program 3 Phase Formula:

  • Have confidence when you take off your shirt
  • Get ripped-abs like the-fighters you see
  • Join the very few people who have great-abs
  • Finally have the confidence you always wanted
  • Feel comfortable going to the beach
  • Make heads turn when going to the beach
  • Have greater energy levels throughout the day
  • Impress your friends with your new six pack
  • Save money on a gym membership and on a trainer
  • Become less likely to suffer from back pain
  • Improve your posture
  • Have a higher sex appeal
  • Attract attention of the opposite sex

Just imagine enjoying all these benefits without even needing a gym membership or buying one piece of equipment!

This Is An Amazing Opportunity!


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