Ferrets for Dummies Book – Ferret Care for Beginners


Ferrets for Dummies Book – Ferret Care for Beginners


How to Double Your Ferret’s Lifespan… End All Biting, Stinking, and Pooping Problems… and Make Your Pet the Happiest in the World!

Top Ferret Expert Reveals the Little-Known Secrets About Ferrets — Amazing Facts and Breakthrough Discoveries You Can’t Live Without!

If you want your ferret to be happy and safe and live double the average ferret lifespan —

If you don’t have a clue what to do to when it bites people or goes to the bathroom outside the litter box (even though they’re supposed to be trained) —

If you’d like it to be overjoyed and greet you when you get home from work —

— then this could be the most exciting letter you’ll ever read.

If you’re like many owners, you’re looking for (immediate) answers that are hard to find since most of the complete pet care guides deal only with dogs or cats.

Maybe you too are frustrated by a ferret who smells bad, poops and pees all over the place, and gets aggressive and bites you and your houseguests…

Or you don’t know the health problems you should be aware of, or what to do in an emergency…

Or you’re not sure if you’re feeding him the right foods, how to “ferret-proof” your house, or whether you’re giving him a good life in his cage…

You are not alone.

The Secrets Of Having A Cuddly, Playful, Well-Behaved And Long-Lived Ferret… Without Having To Spend A Lot Of Cash… And Without Having To Do Much Work!

Introducing… Find Out About Ferrets


Ferrets for Dummies Book – Ferret Care for Beginners

Rather than having to go through a struggle or have to hire a high-priced consultant, you can simply read what’s in this guide and immediately discover all the advanced secrets contained within…

Some people call it the lazy person’s way to easy ferret care. It’ll save you so much time and worry (not to mention money) that you can start enjoying your ferret right away with zero worries.

Here’s a quick look at just a few of the valuable techniques you’ll learn:

  • End poop problems for good. Did you know you accidentally kill the instinct your ferret naturally feels for using the litter box? (99% of ferret parents do it — here’s how to reverse it in under 7 seconds flat). (Page 101.)
  • How to make sure your ferret will never nip you again. I’ve developed a breakthrough anti-nip technology called TED — and it’s so simple and fun, even your child could do it. (Page 103)
  • The 7 secrets to making the relationship between your child and ferret a good one. (Page 62)
  • The “magic trick” of bonding you can start using with your ferret as soon as today that will make your ferret “cuddlier than a teddy bear!” (Page 100)
  • Did 2 pet ferrets all of a sudden become 13? You’ll discover everything you need to know about breeding ferrets. I lead you step by step through everything from mating… to caring for the pregnant jill (female ferret)… to caring for the kits (babies)… to placing the kits in loving homes once they’re ready. (Chapter 13)

Plus… Learn Exactly What To Feed Your Pet So He’ll Double His Lifespan.

There’s a powerful new diet developed by biologists that can take the average ferret lifespan of 7 years and increase it to 12 to 15 years.

The best part is that this miraculous diet uses food you can get from your local grocery store. (Page 66.)

Look, it’s very important that you feed your ferret the right foods. This subject can be frustrating (it certainly is for everyone who comes to me), because everyone gives conflicting advice. But your fuzzy’s diet is colossally important — feed it the wrong thing and he can become obese… or even get cancer.

Ferrets for Dummies Book – Ferret Care for Beginners

You’ll learn about FFAT, which will solve all your diet questions. What is FFAT? It is the 4 unbreakable rules of what you must look for in food labels. You’ll find out what I’m talking about on page 64.

No matter what you want to know about your furball’s diet, you’ll get expert help with:

Which foods to avoid because your ferret can’t digest them. (Page 64)
Whether a high quality kitten food is truly OK for your fuzzball. (Page 65)
Which foods to avoid because your ferret can’t digest them. (Page 64)
The truth about ferret supplements and hairball remedies. (Page 72)
Treats your ferret likes… and that are good for him. (Page 69)
Is it okay to feed your little guy fruit or not? You’ll find out the truth. (Page 70)

That’s Just The Beginning. You’ll Also Discover…

Whether it’s true that ferrets are better off not kept in cages. (Page 47)

  • An 8-point checklist that will tip you off about whether a ferret breeder is humane and cares about raising healthy ferrets or a crook who’s just in it for the money. (This subject is highly controversial and is definitely not for everyone. Please do not get my guide if you’re offended by some truly raw straight talk about your fellow human beings.) (Page 38)
  • The 7 crucial rules to rate a ferret’s health before taking him home. Get any of these wrong and it can cause you a ton of heartache… and high vet bills… later on. (Page 29)
  • How to stop your ferret from using the bathroom in his food bowl ever again.

Did You Know There’s An Easy Way To Reduce The Amount Of Cleaning Around The Litter Box And Food Dish By 70% To 80%?

Ferrets can be party animals who love to fling around food and litter like they’re confetti. So you don’t have to be a math whiz to know that keeping the mess to a minimum means you do much less work!

You’ll get the step by step instructions… as well as the places you can get the items you need easily and cheaply (and no, it’s not from the local pet store)… on page 45.

Ferrets for Dummies Book – Ferret Care for Beginners

You’ll discover…

  • 3-step socialization technology that allows you to introduce your ferret to dogs and cats. (Page 59)
  • True or false: the cage you have now is too small. (How much space does it really need not only for survival… but to be happy?) (Page 46)
  • A 1-minute chore most ferret owners neglect, causing their ferret to swallow harmful bacteria. (Page 70)
  • If your fuzzy has been using his litter box consistently for awhile but then suddenly stops, here’s what to do. (Page 102)
  • Regular bathing as long as it’s done correctly can reduce the odor by over 90%. Check out page 76 for my simple 8-step bathing system.
  • Two foolproof fixes to keep food messes to a minimum. Your job will be much easier when your ferret no longer tips over his bowl. (Page 71)
  • How to take it for a walk without him escaping. (Page 53)
  • 6-step checklist of things you can do before purchasing your ferret from a pet store to ensure you’re buying a well-socialized pet that’s not mistreated. (Page 36)
  • 3 little but powerful actions you can do daily which prevent tremendous odor problems later. (Page 81)
  • Can it live outside? (Page 46)
  • The best kind of cage you can make (or buy) for the ferret who’s good at escaping. (Page 47)
  • A 7-point checklist to make sure the ferret you’re getting doesn’t have hidden medical problems that will cause you agony later on. (Page 29)
  • Here’s an inexpensive source of ferrets I guarantee you haven’t thought of. You can even get a free cage, bowls, litter box and toys this way. (Page 39)
  • The 5 questions you must ask when picking out a cage. Get any of these wrong and your pet will be too crammed in with not enough space… or bored with not enough to do… or even strangle himself. (Page 46)
  • The potential life threatening illnesses you must be aware of… in order to prevent. (Chapter 11)
  • How to ferret proof your house using these 9 success strategies, so that you’ll keep your little guy stay safe as he explores. Of course they don’t live forever, but there’s nothing sadder than hearing your kids cry as you bury their pet who chewed through wires and got electrocuted — and it was all your fault. (Page 51)
  • Where never to put your fuzzy’s cage. (Page 45)
  • What to do if your ferret starts to sneeze. (Page 119)
  • How to introduce ferrets to each other… without them harming or killing each other. (Page 55)
  • How to maintain harmony between it and other small pets like cats, gerbils, pet rats, and hamsters. (Page 58)
  • What questions you need to ask your vet to find out if they can care for it. (Page 108)
  • What to do in an emergency. (Page 117)

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Ferrets for Dummies Book – Ferret Care for Beginners