FBInfluence – Facebook Training Course


FBInfluence – Facebook Training Course


Introducing… FBInfluence – Facebook Training Course

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Your New Secret Weapon.

It covers the core strategies you need to know, and gives you ‘Homer Simpson Proof’ instructions on how to execute them.

When it comes to FB, you need a tailored strategy that works for your business. As time goes by, FB proves to be more important. You’re starting to see a widening gap of those who get it and those who don’t.

Andrea Vahl is the co-author of Facebook-Marketing All-In-One for Dummies and a Social Media Strategist for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Many consider Andrea the go-to person for all things Facebook-Marketing.

It is the #1 FB training. Over 20,000 people trust it as their go-to source for FB Marketing training. It has customers in over 119 countries and counting. Members consistently give it a 10 out of 10 rating

Put to Work the Same Simple FB Strategies We Use Every Day

Have you put off using FB to generate more business? Has a fear of not knowing where to start kept you from moving forward? Today, that’s all going to change!

You Can’t Afford to Ignore FB:

  • It is currently the largest social network with over 1.35 Billion Active Monthly Users.
  • 93% of marketers use social media for their business.
  • It has 864 million daily active users.
  • Its Like and Share Buttons are viewed 22 million times a day.
  • There are over 50 million FB pages.
  • It is an incredible, unlimited source of hot leads.

Here’s what your FB strategy will do for you:

– Automatically create a huge flood of leads for your product or service
– Attract highly-targeted prospects who WANT to do business with you
– Get testimonials with social proof
– Position yourself as the most sought out leader in your industry
– Grow a vibrant community of raving fans around your product and service
– Turn fans into Super Fans that are eager to buy what you’re selling

Imagine what all those visitors, leads and customers will do for your business.

Here is exactly how the FBInfluence – Facebook Training Course will instantly transform your business:

  • How to get automated leads and SALES
  • 24/7The little-known trick to attract highly-targeted prospects who WANT to do business with you
  • A simple but powerful way to get your testimonials on autopilot day in and day out
  • How to be instantly recognized as the most sought out leader in your industry
  • The simple paragraph that creates a vibrant community of raving fans who happily spread the word about you, your products and services
  • You already know it’s time to stop wasting your energy and make FB work for you. This program will turn your FB fans into SUPER FANS, action-taking raving fans who are eager to buy what you are selling.

The FBInfluence – Facebook Training Course is for you!

The Entrepreneur

You’ve recently created your own business, or you’ve been at it for awhile, and are looking to increase your exposure, leads and sales. You want to know more about FB marketing so you can do it yourself, or at least know how to do it so you can then hand it over to someone on your team to execute.

The Marketer

You work for a business and are responsible for or involved with your company’s social media presence. You want to know what to do, how to do it and how to get results so you can increase your company’s bottom line (and show upper management that social media marketing is working for your programs and services).

The Business Owner

You own a business, you have some FB knowledge, but you know there is a bigger opportunity waiting for you on FB once you fully understand how your business can claim it’s place there. You might not do it all yourself, but you know you need to understand it first before you hand it off to someone else to manage.

Just Getting Started

You know FB is important, but you have no clue where to start or what to do. This program works for beginners and also works for those who have been using FB for awhile. Our baby-step instructions make it easy for anyone to succeed. You will instantly know what strategies to implement to get real results quickly!

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FBInfluence – Facebook Training Course