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How to become a fashion designer and create your own clothing line, working at home.

Who Else Wants To Become A Fashion Designer And Start A Clothing Line?

– No Fashion Experience Required
– You Can Work at Home Creating Your Clothing Line
– Hardly Any Money Needed To Get Started
– Weekly Bite Size Online Lessons
– Get Online And Offline Customers

YES, YOU CAN Create A Fashion Business! All YOU Need Is Someone In Your Corner … To Guide You Step-By-Step So That In A Few Short Weeks You Could Be Taking Your Own Fashion Orders.

Do you ever feel saddened because you so want to become a fashion designer and create your own fashion design business but, it all seems ‘pie in the sky’?

When you’re working, either in your office, a shop, around the house or even just out walking – do you often wish you knew how to get started? But, you fear that you wouldn’t be able to do it because you’ve no confidence in being successful, due to your lack of skills or many other reasons.

5 Reasons Why People Don’t Get Started

1. They get bogged down with just earning a living and not following their dreams because they don’t have the TIME or the energy after working full time in the ‘day job’! This scenario is happening in households all over the world.

2. The are told by family and friends that they should forget about that DREAM and get a ‘proper’ job. “Think about their pensions and security!” In the majority of cases the people giving this ‘good’ advice, aren’t the right people to be guided by anyway because of their own lack of determination to live out their dream life.

3. They leave college or school with QUALIFICATIONS totally unrelated to working in the fashion industry and think that they have lost their opportunity. In a lot of cases they have been guided into a particular career path which, turns out to be a soul destroying way of earning a living.

4. They are stay at home moms or dads and fill their days with tasks which eventually takes away their CONFIDENCE in their ability to follow their dreams. These parents do a fantastic job and would love to be working at home doing something they have a passion for but, because it is not recognized, they begin to doubt their own potential.

5. They want to change their career but FEAR that they won’t be successful. There are thousands of people living in quiet despair because they’re miserable in their jobs but fear moving on.

So, you’re probably wondering, what’s the answer?

The answer is very simple! It’s deciding to become one of the top 2% of the people who actually live their dreams and not be one of the 98% who just think about it, yet never actually do anything to get started.

Now, lets look at the opposite to the reasons why people don’t get started …

5 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD Start

1. TIME – Imagine spending your time working in your own fashion design business and doing what you want? No more having to trundle along to the same place of work, day after day at the same time and work with the exact same people day in and day out. Much as you may like the people you work with, just think of all the exciting people you have yet to meet, working in your own business, working at home and working the hours that you want!

2. DREAMS – Now, just imagine how you will feel when you actually live your dream of owning your fashion business? Once you have achieved the first step towards your dream and reach your goal, you’ll be armed with the knowledge that you can achieve any goal that you set for yourself, over and over again. Nothing will ever hold you back!

3. – QUALIFICATIONS – You won’t have to worry about qualifications, when you can create garments which can be sold world wide! Garments which people would love to wear and own – your own exclusive designs. Plus, if you do want to get qualifications, what’s to stop you doing a part time course, once you get started?

4. CONFIDENCE – Your confidence in your abilities will be heightened as never before. As soon you start selling your garments, your confidence will grow to a level which you never knew you could have. You’ll even be inspiring others to follow their dreams, by your example!

5. FEAR – Having faced your fear and taken the courage to overcome it, you will have achieved a major goal. Without overcoming your fear you would never have had the opportunity of reaching the great peaks of success which you’ll find waiting for you.

Introducing… Fashion Business and Merchandising Course Online


In Fashion Business and Merchandising Course Online, you’ll find …

  • The crucial ingredient you’ll need to be successful
  • How to promote
  • Information on manufacturing your garments using outworkers
  • Where to get more skills
  • Points you need to know about exhibiting at trade shows
  • What to look for in a sales agent
  • What to check for when supplying stores
  • How to keep your staff wanting to work for you.
  • What to look for when having your garments manufactured by a factory
  • How to protect your designs from theft
  • Your own retail business – whether to buy or to rent
  • Your online fashion business
  • What niche to specialize in
  • How to manage your time so that you achieve more each day
  • What equipment you’ll need
  • Motivation to achieve your dream
  • The Business Plan
  • and, much more …

Actually, there’ll be everything you need to help you each step along the way.

This isn’t a membership site with just articles on each subject.

No, it certainly isn’t.

There are many sites online which just have articles and no true direction on how you should do something, only suggestions on what you should do.

How far will those articles get you? Not very far, right?


This course is a step-by-step,weekly training program, which is,

1. Short And Easy To Digest. – Each lesson is broken down into easy sections for you to digest. You won’t suffer from information overload because you’ll discover how to get more work done in less time, right from the start.

2. Includes An Assignment To Complete. – Each weekly session will have an assignment to complete in an easy to follow action step formula. This will enable you to be proactive in your training. There will also be a motivational section to inspire you to achieve your fashion goals.

3. Builds As You Go. – The training has been designed to gradually lead you into the eventual creation of your own successful and unique fashion design business. You’ll have a choice of many options to take along the way but, the result will reaching your fashion business goal!

4. Forces You To Succeed Long-Term. – Because of the way that the training is structured into bite size sections, over the months, you will be more likely to succeed with this program. Even if you take weeks out, you will still have in your possession the steps to be taken in the right order – written by someone who actually did it too!

5. Helps You Make Real Progress. – Each assignment will have two goals. The first, is to make sure that you are working in a systematic order and the second is that, at the same time, you’ll l be creating your business plan. This takes a lot of the pressure of this task, as you’ll be creating it in bite size pieces each month, leaving you the time to concentrate on your creativity.

Each weekly lesson is designed to be “to the point” and immediately actionable. You’ll start making progress as soon as you start putting the steps in place.

The format of the training course is simple. Briefly, you receive the following …

Weekly Lessons – Lesson one will provide you with a basic overview of how the course will progress and include an assignment which will be the seeds for your fashion business plan.

Bonuses – You’ll also find, at set weeks throughout the whole course, FREE bonuses on various subjects related to your fashion design business to help you achieve your goals even quicker.

Plan – Your plan will be created as you go through the assignments, thus ensuring that you have the tool necessary for the future growth of your fashion business.

Certificate – Finally, when you reach the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate to confirm completion of the course, with a outline document of all the sections we covered within the weekly training program. This certificate will be proof to your customers and future potential business financial supporters of your determination to create a successful fashion business

Motivation – If you follow these steps, you too will never be “a person who talks about doing it” … you’ll be “a person who does it”.

You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips and learn it all from your own home.

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Fashion Business and Merchandising Course Online