Facebook Friend Sweeper Software


Facebook Friend Sweeper Software


Are Your FB Posts Seemingly Invisible Lately?

Or just getting a lot less engagement on them than you used to?

You’re not alone!

The biggest FB MYTH is that “more friends is better.”

That couldn’t be farther from the truth! When you have hundreds or thousands of FB-friends, it can’t show your posts to everyone…

So instead, your posts are rotated to a select few, most of whom will never engage with your posts, and for that matter, will never buy your products!

Right now, your list is filled with spammers, scammers, turds, and “floaters” (ones who ignore all of your posts), none of which are beneficial to you or your business.

Unfortunately, cleaning them out manually is a painstakingly long and laborious process.

Increased Engagement = Increased Sales!

With So Much On Your “To Do” List, You Most Likely Have ZERO Time to Clean Them Out

Think about it: phone calls to answer, downlines to help, people with whom to network, making new contacts, building relationships, building new products…

Things that make you MONEY!

The only way to get increased engagement is by having a high percentage who “like” and comment on your posts.

Imagine if you could automatically detect exactly who is not engaged on your posts and then sweep them out.

And then watch your posts get swarmed with Likes, Comments, and Shares as all of your quality FB-friends see your posts again!

Not only that, but…

You don’t have enough time to thoroughly review whether or not you should remove a contact, especially if you have hundreds or thousands of them.

So you could be casually removing certain contacts, not knowing that many of them are actually potential customers in the future.

Introducing… Facebook Friend Sweeper Software


With the data that the Facebook Friend Sweeper Software provides, you’ll know ALL of that information within seconds, for your entire list!

This means you keep contacts that will buy from you, and remove those that will never buy from you.

This is the best automated sorting you’ll ever find!

The Facebook Friend Sweeper Software designed to give you in-depth reports and show you which friends you should keep and which ones you should sweep out. This data includes:

  • List of contacts who engage with you
  • Contacts you engage with
  • Total number of spammy contacts
  • How many of them are in your safe zone
  • Total likes your receive
  • Total comments you receive
  • Who your top 3 contacts are during a certain period of time

How valuable is it to have this data in your business?

Extremely valuable.

Not only will it save you time, it will help you make decisions MUCH faster. Clean out the dead weight, ya know… within mere seconds, that would have taken you hours in the past…… until now.

Time is money, and you should be engaging in income producing activities, not wasting time manually removing contacts.


Even email is moving to pay per send. So lists are not free, and sending to people that don’t open your emails not only cost you, but it also hurts your send score and lowers deliverability for those that do want to open your emails.

FB is the same.

Thinking friends are free and are boosting your social currency is one of the biggest lies ever!

You see, having posts that are not engaged by your contacts (because they are not real) hurts your social currency with FB and they don’t show your items in feeds as much because their engagement is so low. And now you have a downward snowballl effect.

The truth is that many people were just trying to exploit FB to grow an audience, and this hurts you because they’re not engaging with you. This software gets rid of those people to help increase your engagement and effectiveness.

So, for example: If you have 5000 friends but only 2000 or so actually engage with your posts, FB will not drip your posts to the 2000.

So if you ‘Clean Out’ those 3000 contacts… (who aren’t engaging), then you’d have 2000 who are engaged. Now, when you post… you will get featured more in feeds, plus this allows you to have room to grow more REAL contacts who are interested in what you have offer.

Because that is all that counts!

You want to be in what is known as a Positive Feedback Loop. That’s what this product does and not using it puts you in a losing social spiral.

Easily Skyrocket Engagement On Your Posts, And Sales On ANY Product!

Engagement on your posts is critical.

If you’re not getting above 10% of your list to even click “like” on a post, that’s not a good sign at all.

It means they’re shutting you out completely or not committed enough to even make the slightest interaction.

Every marketer knows that there IS a correlation between people who “Like” and comment on your posts and who is likely to join your opportunity or buy your products and services.

Most people don’t click “Like” unless they have a genuine reason to!

That’s why when you get your hands on the real data on who is engaging on your posts, you’ll effortlessly sort out action takers from tire kickers and looki loos. In other words, you’ll be selling more products with less effort.

Making your list a very valuable asset to your business.

Here’s How Facebook Friend Sweeper Software Can Maximize Your FB Marketing Efforts:

  • Skyrocket engagement on your posts
  • Run Your Analysis Report for your list in ONE click
  • Save hours of time in sweeping your list
  • Find Out Who Your Top 3 Friends are during a certain period and thank them
  • Avoid manually removing those who are potential buyers
  • Get helpful data on your total number of likes and comments you receive
  • Expand your relationship with the ones who engage with your posts the most
  • Get rid of annoying spammers before they even have a chance to “tag” you in another post!
  • Increase the quality of contacts on your list

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Facebook Marketing Software: Friend Sweeper