Face Painting Made Easy PDF Guide Book and Video Designs


Face Painting Made Easy PDF Guide Book and Video Designs


Learn How To Face Paint Quickly and Easily with no experience required…even if you haven’t got a creative bone in your body!

Discover the Secrets of Face Painting Professionals and Make Up Artists, with an Easy to Learn, Step by Step Process Even If You’ve Never Picked Up A Brush in Your Life!

You Can Learn How to Face Paint within 24 hours!

You can start creating amazing designs that are so easy to learn and understand that will allow you to get started painting amazing designs tomorrow!

It is an incredibly relaxing and fun way to spend time with your children, contribute to school functions and fund raisers.

Once you have access to our simple step by step lessons, you will be the hit of any event.

Soon you will be a must have at all the social events in your community. Kids will be asking if you are going to be there, you better have your supplies ready!

But Beware: Once the secret gets out that you are the resident face painting expert, you are going to get phone calls for every birthday, fund raiser and social functions!

As you know, children love face painting. Take a look at any birthday and you will see that all the other fun activities have only one or two children.

So where are all the kids?

Lined up in front of the face painter trying to choose between a tiger, a skeleton or a butterfly to have painted on their face!

The truth is, any social event that does not have a face painter isn’t really complete. Kids LOVE face painting and the joy you see on their face is second to none. It’s truly priceless.

Unfortunately, There is not a Quality Product or any Information Available Today that Teaches You in an Easy to Understand, Step by Step Process like this product.

Introducing… Face Painting Made Easy PDF Guide Book and Video Designs



Face Painting Made Easy PDF Guide Book and Video Designs is an all-inclusive guide including over 20 Video designs that will walk you through simple and intermediate face painting designs including:

Puppy Dog
Race cars
Bunny Rabbit
And Much, Much More!

It’s Not Difficult by Any Stretch of the Imagination!!

Look! Just 6 Easy Steps To A Scary Tiger!:


Here Are Just Some of the Techniques You Will Learn in Face Painting Made Easy PDF Guide Book and Video Designs:

  • How to Paint Base Coats – This is the foundation of the design. It’s quick and simple but had to be done properly.
  • How to Paint Thin Lines – Learn how to delicately paint feature lines with ease.
  • How to Paint Fat to Thin Lines – The thin lines create the character in the design. Our techniques come from the experts.
  • How to Paint a Straight Line – It may sound simple until you try it. Discover a simple trick that will have you drawing perfectly straight lines! Shhh… don’t tell anyone this one!
  • How to Paint Dots – There are two different ways to paint dots. Both are simple but you can choose the one that works for you.
  • How to Blend Colors Using the Drag and Blend Technique – So you can easily blend colors seamlessly and with ease.
  • How to Paint Two Colors Near Each Other Without Having it Smudge – With an professional technique that is easy to learn, smudging will never be a problem.
  • How to Paint Symmetrical Designs with Ease – both sides of your design look good and even.
  • How to Create the Shimmer/Sparkle Effect – when you want to add a bit of pizzazz to your face paintings.
  • How to Create the Fur Effect – Learn how to create the look of fur and fuzz when painting animals. It’s amazing.
  • How to Use Stick On Jewels – Jewels take your designs to another level. And the little girls LOVE them!
  • How to Apply Glitter Gels, Powders & Dusts – For those of you that want to take this to the next level, you are going to learn the secrets to applying extras that make your design pop!

With Face Painting Made Easy PDF Guide Book and Video Designs, You Are Going To Get a Professional Video Course That is Easy to Learn and Easy to Follow Including:

  • How To Do It with the Efficiency and speed of a professional in just a few short days.
  • Are You a Shaker? We will show you how to end that 😉
  • Safety first. This book makes sure you are purchasing quality paints that are hyper allergenic.
  • The Colors You’ll Need to Get Started so you aren’t wasting time with colors that are rarely used and have little value.
  • The Difference Between Paint Cakes, Crèmes, Crayons, Pencils & Liquids to end all the confusion you once had, it explains what each one is generally used for and how you can effectively use them.
  • How to Practice and Plan Your Designs when you don’t have a model. With these tips you’ll be able to practice painting in more than a few different ways without an actual person to paint on.
  • How to Set Up Your Work Place so you can easily set up your face painting workspace and function more efficiently. From where to put your brushes to where to place your photos to dressing up for the occasion you’ll know exactly what to do with no worries and no stress because I’ve done all the hard work for you!
  • How to Make Money if you want it to be more than just a hobby you’ll absolutely need this to get started, it covers in order everything you must do to establish and promote a face painting business.
  • Where to Buy Face Paints, Brushes, Sponges, Glitter and Stick On Jewels online and offline saving you even more time and giving you some great tips!
  • The Best Brands in Face Paint to help you save time trying to find reputable safe face/body paint manufacturers and save you money so you don’t buy the wrong ones
  • The Most Popular Brushes Brands used by face painters internationally that will definitely give you head start in buying the good brushes.
  • The Number of Brushes You’ll Need and What Shapes and Sizes so that you’ll have exactly the right tools to start painting with ease and a professional touch.
  • A Trick to Effectively Apply Paint with Sponges – you’ll find out a great trade secret here in order to get a beautiful even coverage of paint, time and time again.
  • The Difference Between Glitter Gels, Powders & Dusts so you’ll know exactly which one you’d prefer before buying to make your designs sparkle.
  • Stipple Sponges Explained so that you can use this great tool to create a unique technique that will definitely make your designs look like a professional painted them.
  • What Kind of Glitter and Stick On Jewels Are Safe for use on the skin. Many are but this guide will keep you from multiple trips to the store and wasted money.
  • How to Take Care of Your Brushes by washing and storing them correctly. If you’ve ever painted inside your home you know the importance of storing your brushes.

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Face Painting Made Easy PDF Guide Book and Video Designs