Face Painting For Fun, Business & Profit


Face Painting For Fun, Business & Profit


Professional Face Painters spread smiles and giggles at ever even where they appear: birthday parties, fundraisers, company picnics, corporate events, fairs and festivals. With the right supplies, training and your own initiative, you will create a successful business that can grow year after year.

You’ll schedule your own hours, make kids smile, work in the entertainment industry and best of all, have fun! (And you don’t even need a Fine Arts degree to do it!)

Have you ever seen a facepainter at work? They are the happiest people you’ll ever seen … even with a line of kids that seems 50 deep!

If you’d ask them these questions, you’d be astounded at the answers:

  • “Do You Set Your Own Hours?”
  • “Do You Have To Be A Fine Artist To Do What You Do?”
  • “What Kind Of Investment Did Make To Get Started?”
  • “Can You Really Make Money?”

Introducing… Face Painting For Fun, Business & Profit


This incredible Audio Interview and accompanying E-Guide contain all of the critical information that you’ll need to get started. No details have been spared.

You’re going to discover exactly what you need to do and what to expect should you decide to embark on your own journey.

When you order Today, here’s what you will receive immediately Via Digital Download:

• Instant Access To The “Real Deal Success”™ Audio Where We Interview A Mom And Professional Artist About Her Rise To Success
• A Text Transcript Of The Entire Audio Interview
• An Comprehensive E-guide Filled With The Business-Building Steps You’ll Follow To Get Started.
• A Step-By-Step Guide With 5 Different Cheek Art Designs And 2 Full-Face Designs That You Can Begin Doing Today.
• Sample Talent Release Form & Booking Form

Here’s just a few of the things you’ll learn in Face Painting For Fun, Business & Profit:

• What Skills Are Necessary To Succeed
• What Type Of Training Is The Best Foundation For Success
• What Equipment Will Make Or Break A Successful Business
• The Secrets To Getting Referrals And Repeat Orders
• How To Secure Your First Project Or Job
• The Best Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success
• How To Charge For Your Services
• How To Manage Your Time So You Can Enjoy Your Venture AND Your Family
• How To Use The Internet To Generate Exposure And Leads
• What Mistakes To Avoid
• How To Organize Your Event So You Will Be Asked Back Year After Year
• Actual Step-By-Step Designs That You Can Start Practicing Right Now
• And Remember, You’ll Hear FIRST hand from a mom who is succeeding as a Professional Artist Right Now!

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Face Painting For Fun, Business & Profit