Expat’s Guide – How to Get Vietnam Motorbike License


Expat’s Guide – How to Get Vietnam Motorbike License


Get Your Vietnam Motorbike License — In Just 7 Easy Steps!

This Step-By-Step Guide Will Help You Cut Through All The Red Tape — Saving You Time, effort, And Frustration!

From one “expat” to another, I’m sure you’re looking forward to getting your motorbike license! After all, a motorbike makes it so much easier to get around Vietnam. There are always places to go and people to see!

In addition, it’s not always convenient to walk or take the bus. So motorbikes are the vehicle of choice for many locals — and expats.

The problem is that it can be difficult to figure out EXACTLY HOW to go about getting a motorbike license in Vietnam. It can be a time-consuming process — if you don’t know how it works.

All too often, people just abandon the idea of getting their motorcycle license (or any driver’s license for that matter) in Vietnam.

But that’s extremely risky!

Foreigners who drive cars or motorbikes can do jail time if they’re unlicensed! Plus, if they are unlicensed and have an accident while riding, their traveler’s insurance will be null and void.

It’s simply NOT worth the risk.

The question then is this…

How can an “expat” avoid all the problems and complications while getting a LEGAL motorbike license in Vietnam?

What’s Covered In The Guide?

An Expat’s Guide To Getting A Vietnamese Motorbike Licence In 7 Easy Steps walks you through the ENTIRE process.

Nothing is skipped.


Expat’s Guide – How to Get Vietnam Motorbike License

In this book, you’ll learn…

– Where you need to go to get your application.
– The documentation you need to produce to get your application processed. If you don’t know which documents you need, the process will be delayed. With this e-book, all the guesswork is removed.
– The notarizing process you must go through to get your documents ready for your application submission. There is an actual process your documents MUST go through, in order to be accepted for submission. But it’s all spelled out for you in my e-book.
– The government offices you must visit to do all of the above.
– The costs involved in all of the above. Some of the processes are free… and some have a cost associated with them.
– The actual motorbike riding test you may need to do. Contrary to what many expats think, the test isn’t hard at all.
– Things you can do to increase your chances of passing the riding test.

You won’t find this information presented in one, easy-to-read, instantly downloadable e-book anywhere else.

The government doesn’t even publish the information in this complete format!

The Expat’s Guide to Getting a Motorbike License in 7 Easy Steps is the only place you will find the information you need to get licensed without hassle or fuss!

With the help of my guide, you’ll…

Save hours and hours of time.
Get the full & complete instructions on how to get your motorbike license.
Get my own personal tips and advice to help you pass the test.
Be riding a motorcycle LEGALLY in Vietnam… in just 7 easy steps.

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Expat’s Guide – How to Get Vietnam Motorbike License