Essential Life Skills for Emergency Preparedness & Survival Books




Essential Life Skills for Emergency Preparedness and Survival Books


Before the existence of modern day conveniences like electricity, water treatment, air conditioning, mass food production, and just-in-time transportation delivery systems people still lived long and healthy lives.

For thousands of years humanity has thrived on knowledge that has been passed down from parent to child, teacher to student, and master to apprentice.

  1. Food Storage, canning and preservation
  2. Land Security and Personal Protection
  3. Off-grid-emergency medical care and treatment
  4. Agriculture and Food Production Management
  5. Breeding and Rearing Animals
  6. Hunting, Trapping, Snaring and Fishing
  7. Living Off the Land and Foraging
  8. Meat Dehydration, Smoking and Jerky
  9. Orienteering and Navigation
  10. Weapons Fabrication
  11. Cooking off-grid
  12. Homeopathy and natural medicines
  13. Winemaking, Beer Brewing, Alcohol Distillation
  14. Carpentry and Woodworking
  15. Homebuilding and Shelter Construction
  16. Forging metals and Metalworking
  17. Tobacco Growing, Curing and Manufacturing
  18. Soil Replenishment, Composting and Irrigation
  19. Veterinary Medicine
  20. Tool Manufacture

These are but a handful of the many essential life skills that have been learned, passed on and utilized for survival-and-self-reliance for generations, well before the advent of computers, cell phones, and pizza delivery.

While much of this knowledge has been lost through mankind’s many conflicts and technological advancements, much of it has also been preserved by dedicated practitioners, experts and authors who understand the value of the information they possess.

The most basic-skills that were required to maintain a decent lifestyle only a hundred years ago are now taken for granted by a society dependent on just-in-time delivery and mass-scale food production.With millions of people already overwhelming the system by taking more out than is being put in, and geo-political tensions across the globe rising because of a battle for resources that has spanned the history of the human race, it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong.

In fact, every so often, somewhere in the world, it does go wrong. And when it does, people are often left impoverished and struggling to survive. But, despite whatever strife may befall a city, or country or continent, there are always those people who are able to adapt and change because of an already established knowledge base.

Whether it’s growing food because the cost to acquire it from somewhere else becomes prohibitive, or being able to protect your land from looters during civil disorder, or having to evacuate your home and never come back because of a massive disaster – there are people who have been through it. They’ve shared their stories and the strategies that got them through hard times.

A Comprehensive Collection of Resources for Emergency Preparedness, Homesteading, & Living a Self Reliant Lifestyle

Becoming self reliant and acquiring-the-skills of our ancestors is not only a lifestyle choice that can lead to a sense of self worth, fulfillment and well-being, but prepares you for a time when the world as we know it today becomes difficult, if not impossible to sustain.

Most people simply don’t see the value in learning how to thrive on their own and survive in an-emergency, but because you’re still reading this there’s a strong possibility that you’re not like “most” people.

Introducing… Essential Life Skills for Emergency Preparedness & Survival Books


Inside the Essential Life Skills for Emergency Preparedness & Survival Books, you will:

  • Learn the necessary-skills and knowledge that will enable you to be less dependent on modern-day technologies
  • Become more self-sufficient by producing your own food and maintaining your own land
  • Thrive during times of hardship
  • Learn a craft(s) that can be used to trade/barter
  • Feel confident in your abilities
  • Thrive during a situation that threatens the stability of the world as we know it
  • Respond to localized or regionalized-emergencies
  • Survive worst case scenarios

The Essential Life Skills for Emergency Preparedness & Survival Books is the most comprehensive resource you’ll find.

Assembling such a library yourself could take months, costing you a lot of time, energy and money. If you were to purchase these books-and-manuals in print form you’d spend upwards of $1000.

As a member, you’ll receive full lifetime access to read, download, store and print over one hundred (100) absolutely essential-books, preparedness-manuals, self reliance guides and informational resources that provide all of the knowledge you’ll need if, all of a sudden, the entire system comes unhinged.

Stop worrying about what you might do in the event of:

  • An Economic Collapse or Hyperinflation that would threaten your accessibility to food, clean water, medicine and other life-critical supplies.
  • A Long-Term Depression that slowly deteriorates the incomes and livelihoods of the majority of the population, rendering life as we have come to know it today a thing of the past.
  • A Natural Disaster that could damage the infrastructures and governments of entire cities or states, forcing people into mass evacuations or refugee camps.
  • A Rogue Attack in your town, city, or region that may take down the power grid, water utilities and transportation.
  • Nuclear, Chemical or Biological Fallout that forces you to shelter-in-place without emergency assistance and for an extended period of time.
  • Political Destabilization and breakdown in the rule of law, making emergency-response wholly ineffective or virtually non-existent.
  • Organized Gangs and Criminals who will want nothing more than to take your supplies, or worse yet, your life.
  • A Personal-Emergency that wipes out your income stream and forces you to make due with your skills-and-knowledge.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you try the Essential Life Skills for Emergency Preparedness & Survival Books:

  • Over 100-Books, Guides, Manuals and Resources: Everything you ever needed to know about-preparedness, living off grid, self reliance and-survival.
  • Expert Knowledge: A wealth of information from professionals in their respective fields assembled into an easily accessible, comprehensive library.
  • Traditional concepts and methods: Learn essential-skills, methods, and strategies used for generations before the advent of modern-day conveniences.
  • Complete control: Save, Transfer and easily print every manual, guide and publication in the library for your own personal use.
  • Regular updates: We are constantly adding new-books and guides to the library, so you’ll never run out of new information and resources; and all of it will be right at your fingertips.
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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