English Fluency Audio Program – Learn English Through Stories


English Fluency Audio Program – Learn English Through Stories


Are you ready to become an excellent speaker of English?

Learn to Speak English Confidently with SUCCESS WITH STORIES

Are you so embarrassed by your English speaking skills that you don’t even try to speak?

Do you hesitate and speak slowly, worried about making grammar mistakes?

Did you fail at getting that job promotion because your English speaking skills weren’t good enough?

Do you need to speak better English for your current job or to get a better job in the future?

Are you ready to overcome your fears and anxieties about speaking English?

Is NOW the time for YOU to become an excellent speaker of English?

Many adult English learners have spent years taking English classes, but without great results. Nearly every day a student tells me how poor their English classes were; how the teachers used terrible, boring and totally ineffective teaching methods.

In fact, very few people can learn a language to fluency using textbooks and just studying grammar rules, but not just because it usually bores you to tears, but because it doesn’t prepare you for the REAL WORLD of ENGLISH SPEAKING.

So many students have told me that after 5, 7 or even 10 years of English classes, they were completely unprepared to use English in the real world, whether during a visit to an English-speaking country, in a business situation, or when trying to pass an English proficiency exam, such as IELTS or TOEFL.

Even highly advanced English learners sometimes have trouble understanding native speakers in a casual conversation.

The TRUTH is that endless drills about verb tenses, sentence structures, and long lists of useless vocabulary do NOT LEAD to excellent listening comprehension and certainly don’t lead to excellent English speaking.

It’s frustrating! Spending so much time with so little results!

Isn’t it time to try something that actually works?

Why waste another 2, 3 or more months of your life learning English in a way that won’t actually help you meet your English fluency goals?

Don’t you want to know that if you put in the time and effort, you will get results?

Announcing… the Success with Stories program.


The Success with Stories Audio Program is based on years of excellent research in the area of second-language acquisition. The methods that are used in this program have been used widely with great success throughout the U.S. and the world.

Did you know that we actually don’t “learn” a language, but rather we acquire language?

And while it certainly does take time, some methods are much more effective (and work faster) than others?

Listening to STORIES is a naturally fun and entertaining way to acquire a strong foundation of understanding in any language.

When you purchase the Success with Stories program, you will:

+ listen to real, authentic American English spoken by me
+ easily acquire a large amount of relevant, high-frequency vocabulary words, including common idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs, collocations and colloquialisms
+ acquire accurate grammatical structures easily and without having to study them
+ learn to speak without thinking, with speed, accuracy and ease
+ learn to speak powerfully and confidently

When you use Success with Stories, you will NOT

– spend your time doing tedious grammar drills
– be spoken to like a baby
– waste your time learning words that you will never use in everyday speaking
– wonder whether or not you are wasting your time and money

Because the brain loves novelty and change, and thrives on emotions, I have created stories that are silly, fun and that have strange, unexpected twists to them.

This allows your brain to focus and pay attention, so that you build the neural pathways in your brain that eventually allow you to understand thoroughly and speak automatically.

Yes!!! Automatically!

This is YOUR goal – excellent, automatic English!

This is how you speak your own language, and this is how you can speak English.

With this program, you get enough English-learning material for 5 or 6 months (depending on your starting level of English and how often you need to repeat the lessons to achieve mastery).

All audio files are mp3 files that you can instantly download to your computer, and then transfer to your favorite mobile device. The text files are PDFs – easy to read and print, as needed.

Success with Stories has 20 Lesson Sets.

Each Lesson Set contains:

+ The Original Short Story (3-8 minutes each)
+ The Vocabulary Lesson, in which I reread the story and go over the meanings of various words, phrases, expressions, and phrasal verbs (20-40 minutes each)
+ The Question & Answer Lesson, in which I reread the story a third time and ask you a lot of questions, supplying you with many possible answers – this is the most powerful way to help you become an automatic English speaker (20-40 minutes each) – SUPER POWERFUL!!!
+ The Point of View Story, in which I retell the story from a different point of view, using different verb tenses and grammatical structures that help you to produce accurate language from different perspectives.

Over 18 HOURS of high-quality, authentic, intelligent English audio materials that you can use by yourself and at your own convenience.

This program fits into your lifestyle!

Today is a GREAT DAY to make a commitment to yourself and use one of the best methods for easily and efficiently improving your SPOKEN ENGLISH.

Once you make this commitment to yourself, you will be on your way to becoming a SUCCESSFUL ENGLISH SPEAKER!!