Endless Man Formula – Cure Premature Ejaculation Permanently


Endless Man Formula – Cure Premature Ejaculation Permanently


Breakthrough: An Ancient “Method” To Cure Premature Ejaculation Permanently

This proven and tested prolonging method employs the strategy of passive sex mastery, a way to transfer your tension to where your body doesn’t want to or need to ejaculate so that you can keep going and at the same time making her orgasm even more.

Introducing… Endless Man Formula


Here are a few things you’ll discover:

– You’re going to learn my complete Formula for lasting longer, it’s simple and easy to integrate into your daily life, but it’s effects are massive and generally awesome
– You’re going to learn specific positions that will increase her pleasure and make you last longer at the same time
– You’re going to learn specific techniques that will increase how fast and how many orgasms she gets while making you last longer
– You’re going to learn the secrets of a multi orgasmic man and how YOU can be one too

Highlights of the Endless Man Formula

Each module is delivered once per week to prevent overwhelm. All content is provided online and is available for download so you don’t have to wait for mail delivery!

Module 1: The Endless Man Formula

– The core framework to lasting longer
– You’ll learn over 5 specific exercises you can start right now that will start prolonging how long you have sex
– You’ll learn the whole formula to last longer
– And tons more…

Module 2: Know Thyself

– You’ll learn that everything starts inside you, not outside and once you master this concept, then everything you learn after will fit like a puzzle
– The most important exercise for longevity in bed you will learn in this module
– And tons more…

Module 3: Master The Stream

– Everyday, you could be building the necessary muscles to stop your ejaculation before and while it happens, this module helps you start that process
– You’ll also learn the single most important thing you need to start doing daily
– And tons more…

Module 4: Master Your Body

– Did you know a lot of your problems are caused by what you put into your body?
– Find out what foods and other things hurt your longevity in bed
– Learn what foods you need that will help you take control of your ejaculation
– And tons more…

Module 5: Master Your Ejaculation

– You’ll need this specific exercise in the specific way I show you in this module to start controlling when and if you ejaculate
– And tons more…

Module 6: Master Your Penis

– You’ll learn specific exercises to help you last longer in this module
– And tons more…

Module 7: Master Your Sexuality

– Want to know how to increase pleasure in your woman while making you last longer and increase pleasure in yourself? This module has that
– And tons more…

Module 8: Master Your Immersion

– Immersion is truly required to be Endless In Bed
– You will also blow your woman’s mind with this
– And tons more

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Endless Man Formula – Cure Premature Ejaculation Permanently