EMP Survival Guide: Electromagnetic Pulse Family Protection


EMP Survival Guide: Electromagnetic Pulse Family Protection


NATIONAL ALERT: The US is facing a threat graver than any we’ve ever known. In fact, former counselor to the United States Senate, Timothy D. Naegele predicts this could wipe out over 280 million Americans.

Discover the information revealed in the public warning from the 2004 US Commission Report.

This Silent Flash is all you would see, and in that instant, America would be changed forever?

They say this attack could come from an enemy here or even space itself. (That might sound weird but we’re not talking aliens – just a deadly space phenomenon that NASA has been warning us about for years…)

Unfortunately the only warning sign we will have will be a silent white flash. Then seconds later, it will destroy the US as we know it.

The tricky part is not one American would die until quite a bit later. But we’d know it’d happened.

Most countries have kept their research in this method secret. Not that it matters… The most dangerous thing about this weapon is when the Soviet Union collapsed and all its deadly secrets – including this – went to the highest bidder.

We still don’t know exactly who has what, but many of these people are hell-bent on destroying the United States. And they’ve recently gotten a hold of the technology to do it.

But to be honest, if our international enemies don’t get us, the massive ball of fire in the center of our solar system could.

Practically all major enemies of the US have been testing this weapon or have access to the test data: That includes China, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and possibly – al-Qaeda.

The Earth’s magnetic fields would be altered, disrupting everything that runs on electricity.

As you’ve probably figured out, we’re facing an EMP attack on all sides.

Even just China and Russia have enough fire-power to pin us down and decimate our systems.

And the thing about an EMP that makes it so deadly, is most people don’t even know how it works.

Many people are going to be downright terrified at the destructive power of this weapon.

EMP stands for “Electro-Magnetic Pulse”. Another term you’ll hear thrown around is HEMP, that’s short for “High-altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse”.

It doesn’t matter which one of the many types of EMPs that hit us. It can still decimate our way of life.

These weapons are available to every single one of our major enemies – China, Iran, even al-Qaeda.

Our Nations enemies aren’t the only source of an attack. A solar flare is also capable of rendering all electronic devices useless…

And that’s if the tidal wave from space that’s predicted doesn’t rock our world first…

Threats aren’t just part of some “conspiracy theory”.

The EMP Commission Report reveals the catastrophic damage an EMP would have on the US.

The 10 member team – with one general and 7 PhD’s found some pretty disturbing stuff…

Here’s the abstract from the EMP Commission Report:

“Several potential adversaries have or can acquire the capability to attack the United States with a high-altitude nuclear weapon-generated electromagnetic pulse (EMP). A determined adversary can achieve an EMP attack capability without having a high level of sophistication. see, we talked about this…

EMP is one of a small number of threats that can hold our society at risk of catastrophic consequences. EMP will cover the wide geographic region within line of sight to the nuclear weapon. It has the capability to produce significant damage to critical infrastructures and thus to the very fabric of US society, as well as to the ability of the United States and Western nations to project influence and military power.

The common element that can produce such an impact from EMP is primarily electronics, so pervasive in all aspects of our society and military, coupled through critical infrastructures. Our vulnerability is increasing daily as our use of and dependence on electronics continues to grow. The impact of EMP is asymmetric in relation to potential protagonists who are not as dependent on modern electronics.

The current vulnerability of our critical infrastructures can both invite and reward attack if not corrected. Correction is feasible and well within the Nation’s means and resources to accomplish.”


They have known this since at least 2004.

But do you think the government has taken any steps to harden the US infrastructure against an EMP attack?

Heck no.

This report was published back in 2004.

It seems like a no-brainer. Here’s a group of very smart people telling the government, America and even you and I there’s something really wrong.

But no one is doing anything about it.

Are you ready for an EMP attack?

See, there are two types of EMPs out there.

Nuclear and non-nuclear.

It’s tough to say which one is a bigger threat.

It’d be almost too easy for China or Iran to strap a non-nuclear EMP onto a payload of a bomb, cruise missile or a simple drone.

And then they wouldn’t have to worry about the rest of the world going off on them because they used a nuke.

Plus, it’s well known that human beings get jealous – and that jealousy can be used in a lot of ways. No one would deny that the US – even in its weakened state after what our politicians have done – is on the top of the world.

And that makes a lot of people jealous. There are plenty of countries that would be more than happy to turn a blind eye if someone was out to destroy the US as we know it.

On the other hand, you’ve got nuclear EMPs.

These bad boys are serious.

After the Soviet Union disbanded, quite a few nukes they had stockpiled quickly disappeared.

And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that whoever got their hands on them probably isn’t friendly to the US.

But honestly, terrorist groups don’t even need the Soviet’s bombs.

They can just make their own.

Heck, in 1975 the Economist magazine warned “you can make a bomb with a few pounds of plutonium.”

And honestly, this isn’t just the US who could be in trouble.

It’s the entire world.

NASA Scientist, Dr. Mausumi Dikpati, discovered that inside the sun there are “solar conveyor belts” that control the Sun’s magnetic field.

That discovery alone isn’t a big deal, but here’s the important piece…

Knowing how these conveyor belts work makes it so we can predict when the sun is going to start shooting EMPs at us.

See, when the solar belts turn fast quote “magnetic hurricanes” fly through the sun.

And later those magnetic hurricanes appear as “sunspots”.

Sunspots are what we need to worry about. Think of them like electromagnetic storms which shoot out solar tsunamis.

Here’s how it works:

Normally, our magnetosphere is strong enough to protect us. But, when a solar storm hits it’s like standing behind a 3 ft wall in the 2004 or 2011 Tsunami.

Needless to say, that teeny wall won’t stop much.

But that’s not the worst part.

Imagine how destructive a hurricane would be if it shot out tsunamis non-stop. Think about getting pounded by wave after wave the size of a hotel…

Now you’re getting an idea of what’s coming. We’ll be living in an electromagnetic hurricane that pounds us with tsunamis over… and over…. and over.

But what you might not know is this isn’t the first time the US has been hit with a Solar Tsunami!

It was 11:18AM on Thursday, September 1st, 1859. British astronomer Richard Christopher Carrington was hard at work drawing what he called “sunspots”.

Almost before he noticed, massive spots flooded his telescope.

He’d never seen anything like it. They were astonishing…

A couple hours later, the spidery telegraph wires stretching across the civilized world went berserk. Every wire was totally fried.


The next morning Jamaicans, Cubans and Hawaiians saw the Northern Lights for the first time.

And all that energy will make our communication devices useless.

Take a look at what the Wall Street Journal had to say about some of the US EMP Commission’s findings:

“Anyone who lived through that power outage remembers the annoyance of life without lights, air conditioning, TVs, computers and all the other electronic equipment on which a modern society depends. Now, imagine a blackout that lasts for months, or years.

No American would necessarily die in the initial attack, but what comes next is potentially catastrophic. The pulse would wipe out most electronics and telecommunications, including the power grid. Millions could die for want of modern medical care or even of starvation since farmers wouldn’t be able to harvest crops and distributors wouldn’t be able to get food to supermarkets. Commissioner Lowell Wood calls EMP attack a “giant continental time machine” that would move us back more than a century in technology to the late 1800s.”

It goes all the way from The Wall Street Journal to the US Government itself.

But again – if so many people can see the danger, why aren’t they doing something?

Well, if you’re interested in actually doing something to protect yourself and your family… the number one way you can protect your family, is called “EMP hardening”.

The Australian National Academy of Sciences put out not to long ago that hardening is “not only deceptively difficult, but also very poorly understood by the defense-electronics community.”

Even the special US military quote “EMP proof” equipment may not survive an EMP attack or storm. Especially if its one of the “Super-EMPs” China and Russian scientists were talking about.

But the easiest way to get prepared is to use a little-known device called a Faraday box.

It’s a stupid-simple invention by the brilliant physicist Faraday. It’s just a metal box that soaks up the pulse as it comes across.

If you make sure the device inside the box is insulated right you’ve got nothing to worry about for any gadget or electronic device you put inside.

And on top of that you can use plenty of different boxes that you can get for free or may have lying around the house.

Stuff like ammo cans, filing cabinets and cake boxes do just fine.

Also, you don’t have to make these airtight. Really, any metal will do just fine.

The only things you must do to keep the Faraday box from being a waste of time are:

One – be sure the device doesn’t touch any part of the metal container. Just wrap it in some cardboard, plastic bags or bubble-wrap and you’re good.

Two – the metal shield has got to be solid. Two pieces overlapping are fine, but it can’t have any big gaps or holes in it.

You also don’t have to ground the box and it might even be a bad idea.

Think about an airplane struck by lightning.

It’s thousands of feet in the air and gets hit with a powerful bolt of lightning – but the damage done isn’t a big deal – especially when you compare it with a tree struck by lightning.

Now obviously you can’t use a Faraday box for everything. Unless you’re ultra-rich there’s no way to build a container big enough for your car…

Introducing… EMP Survival Guide: Electromagnetic Pulse Family Protection

emp_coverIn EMP Survival Guide: Electromagnetic Pulse Family Protection, you’ll have the information you need to secure your home against an EMP attack.

Without spending too much time talking about EMP Survival Guide: Electromagnetic Pulse Family Protection here, you should know that this guide is pretty packed with information.

First off you’ll obviously learn how to harden your life against an EMP attack – whether it’s from the Sun or China.

Just having food on the table will be a pretty big deal when your neighbors are battling each others for the scraps.

Be one of the few prepared Patriots who can actually help your neighbors. Because obviously the government won’t be able to do much good…

It doesn’t matter if an enemy attacks or the Sun’s solar flares create the EMP, it will happen soon so you need to move as quick as possible.

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EMP Survival Guide: Electromagnetic Pulse Family Protection