Electric Car Conversion


Electric Car Conversion

By Les and Jane Oke, Authors of Build Your Own Electric Car


It isn’t really a complicated process to do an electric car conversion, but you will need to obtain certain specialized parts.

You will need: an electric motor, deep cycle batteries, a controller, a battery charger, an adaptor kit, and various other small parts.

But first, you are going to need a vehicle that you can do your project with. Any vehicle can be used for this project, but some work better than others.

Heading the list are small cars and trucks, as they are light and strong. Your first consideration as shown in the detailed plans is to find the lightest vehicle that will still do the job of hauling you and whatever cargo you carry around.

Next, you will want a large DC motor that will produce power for your project. The larger the motor, the more power your electric car will have.

Don’t worry that it will be slow either. Many people have the wrong impression of electric cars; they accelerate as fast as any vehicle on the road and travel at least 50 mph.

What about batteries?

You will need to locate about 16-20 deep cycle batteries for your auto as well. The plans outline sources of batteries, even free batteries that you can find with a little effort. The same source will probably have free DC motors too.

It’s just a matter of asking.

Why do you need this many batteries? In order to achieve a range of up to 100 miles on a single charge.

A controller is needed to fix the amount of current flowing from the batteries to the motor which determines how fast you go. The controller is connected to your old gas pedal linkage for smooth control of the vehicle.

In order to charge your batteries between trips, you will need an on-board battery charger. That way you can just plug it into any common AC circuit and get charged up again.

Doesn’t this sound like fun?

Isn’t it time you got started on your own conversion project?

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