EFT 4 Kids: A Parent’s Manual Review



EFT 4 Kids: A Parent’s Manual Review


Dear Parents,

Don’t you hate it when your child is upset?

Comes home from school crying?

Or is being bullied at school.

Maybe your child is terrified to talk in front of the class?

Or is she very shy?

Does your child fear going to the dentist? or visiting a hospital?

Did you know you can teach them a simple tapping technique that will help them conquer all their fears?

Emotional Freedom Technique (or Tapping) is a simple tapping sequence using the energy meridians used in Acupuncture. We simply tap lightly on the points, to tap out stress, anxiety or even phobias, and also to tap in a new belief or affirmation.

So Easy!

You may already know about Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) – you may have even tried it for yourself.

But did you know kids respond so much faster than adults when using EFT?

This is so empowering, it gives them the tools to banish their fears and anxieties, and to build positive beliefs and success.

You can teach them they have magic fingers to tap away all those anxieties and fears.

Then, even better, to tap in new resources, affirmations, strengths.

Parent Coach Annie Desantis has made it so easy for us!

From her huge experience of working with parents and children she has put together – EFT 4 Kids: A Parent’s Manual.

You don’t just get the¬†EFT 4 Kids: A Parent’s Manual – you get actual scripts you can use immediately with your kids.

You can even get a personalized script at NO extra cost!

Plus, Annie is so committed to supporting parents, purchasers of this excellent manual get access to Annie totally FR*EE!

She has made herself available to answer any of your questions in a Parent’s Forum – plus of course you can get ideas from other Moms and Dads.

There is even a 100% guarantee!

So what have you got to loose?

Give your kids a gift for life: Teach them EFT (You’ll learn along the way!)

Start Tapping out those fears, and Tapping in success!

I don’t know how long Annie will be able to offer personalized support – I wouldn’t mind betting she is going to get huge numbers of parent’s jumping in quick for this great tool. Don’t miss out!

CLICK on the link below to learn more.

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