Effective Teen Parenting: Raising Teenage Boys


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Take the Struggle and Frustration out of Parenting Your Teenager. Issues like Technology Binging and (Lack of) Responsibility MADE EASY! It’s a Real Game-Changer!

“Effective Teen Parenting: Raising Teenage Boys” is a Unique Approach that Will Take The Confusion, Frustration and Worry Out of Parenting a Teenage Boy…. How to AVOID THE TRAPS AND Do Your Best Parenting Yet!!

You’re about to discover the secrets to raising happy and healthy young men. This is loaded with strategies and insights that you will not hear anywhere else.

Introducing… Effective Teen Parenting: Raising Teenage Boys


In Effective Teen Parenting: Raising Teenage Boys, you’ll learn:

  • What Really Happens Inside Their Heads! The Mystery Revealed!! How to get him to communicate without the headaches, stress and drama
  • The one thing you really must do… This is Critical for all Teenage Boys, not just for ‘problem kids’. It’s a real ‘Game Changer’…. PLUS The
  • ‘WILDCARD’ all parents need – You’ll find energy you didn’t know you had!
  • The smartest way to more peace in your home – This is perfect for busy parents…
  • The KEY QUESTION to ask when faced with problematic behavior. Get really clear on what is realistic to expect at this time… so you know how to pick your battles!
  • 7 Keys to EFFECTIVE Teen Parenting… Fill up your parenting toolbox with wise strategies!
  • The 7 costly mistakes parents make with their teenage sons & How To Avoid Them! How to easily turn challenging no-win situations into Gold!
  • The secret messages they send that most parents miss…. Until it’s too late…
  • REAL PROVEN usable strategies for Communicating with your kids from an everyday, knock-about, down-to-earth bloke – not some pencil pushing theories out of a book!
  • Cut the chaos into shreds and restore some peace and respect without bargaining, threatening, coercing or giving in!
  • He wants so much FREEDOM and how much is enough?…
  • Discover the secret to managing TECHNOLOGY with a teenage boy AND getting your sanity and family back! How to be a NAG-FREE Parent and enjoy the results!

Do you know that there are more baby boys born than girls? Exactly 94,232 more boys than girls were born in the U.S. during 2004. It has been this way for the past 63 years and in this time 5,776,130 more males were born.

Do you also know that by the time they get to 21 there are more girls than boys? Even with more boys than girls being born, women still outnumber men in the United States. In 2003, the Census Bureau estimated a total of 144,513,361 females of all ages, compared to 138,396,524 males.

It is an alarming statistic. So what happens?

More boys die than girls. Way more…

Boys and young men take more risks and ‘self-initiate’. ‘Syndrome T’ highlights that the testosterone coursing through their bodies means they require something special during their transition into adulthood or else they will become one of the statistics.

But that’s just one way to look at what’s going on for boys…

  • Mortality rates for 17-25 year old males are extreme
  • Schools and universities are being dominated by girls…boys are being left behind!
  • Drugs and Alcohol…. well, do I need to say anything here!
  • Depression and Suicide for young men is significantly higher than any other group.
  • Passivity and under-achievement is rife throughout our communities.

But let’s not stop here because failing our boys at this time in their lives will mean they grow into men who:

  • Struggle with relationships
  • Are unable to contribute to society
  • Can’t find meaningful and successful work
  • Experience little joy in their life
  • Live life with one foot on the brake and one on the accelerator
  • Live in quiet desperation and drift along without any real direction
  • Rely on dysfunctional behaviors to survive
  • Suffer from debilitating levels of depression and illness

Here’s a quick preview of the valuable information you will have at your fingertips in Effective Teen Parenting: Raising Teenage Boys:

  • Understand the MYSTERY of the Teenage Brain – from this understanding you will be able to decide on precise strategies that will hit the nail on the head!
  • What Mothers NEED to know during this transition. It’s a challenging time for mothers and getting it right here is CRITICAL for his future relationships. Pages 41-43 covers this in detail.
  • What Fathers and older men need to do at this time. The old way of doing it won’t work anymore so men need to know the key adjustments of their changing role.
  • How to build a COMMUNICATION OASIS. This is a comprehensive guide to any relationship problem and particularly effective with teens.
  • A SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE process for building RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR that is a win-win for parents and for teens stepping out into the world
  • Knowing where the opportunities lie for BUILDING SELF-ESTEEM and for helping him know his VALUES – especially his hidden, undiscovered and dormant qualities and values
  • How to GROW A VILLAGE – it really does take a village to raise a child and you should learn how to surround your son with other adults who can take the pressure off your load!
  • THE ONE THING YOU MUST DO – You will also have an incredible ‘never before released’ resource that is a REAL GAME-CHANGER. This where the rubber hits the road!
  • The KEY QUESTION to ask when faced with problematic behavior. GET TOTALLY CLEAR on what is Realistic to Expect at this time… know how to pick your battles!

A big bonus here is that many of these strategies are useful with smaller children, spouses, ex-partners and troublesome neighbors and relatives, AND in the workplace. Get stuck into these and your life will change in many delightful and surprising ways…

These teenage years while confusing and troublesome are an incredible moment in time and a small window of opportunity that is easily missed. This is the thing that many parents know is missing but just can’t put their finger on it.

For thousands of years caring communities did something unique and special that was critical in supporting their boys to be healthy, happy and responsible men. It was an intentional act that was done with such amazing consistency throughout time and culture.


These people knew that boys do not grow into men without the active intervention of older and caring men and women…Community.

What we are referring to here is a modern day Rite-of-Passage. It is a clear marker and a necessary action in growing healthy men. We’ve been through the stats – this is more relevant now than ever before. This is a planned event or series of events that move not just the boy squarely into manhood but the family and immediate community into the necessary changes they need to make to the shift their relating with a young man and not a boy.

This has been all but lost in today’s busy and challenging world… our boys REAL needs have been lost. Secretly they all want to be blessed and moved along in the tribe. Fail to do this and they’ll seek it elsewhere, out on the street and in places that lack the necessary wisdom and guidance!

Boys are self-initiating because we have forgotten what is essential here.

Rites of passage are often ceremonies surrounding events and milestones like puberty, coming of age, marriage and death. Initiation ceremonies such as baptism, confirmation and Bar Mitzvah are considered important rites of passage for people of their respective religions.

Many of today’s societal rituals may look like rites of passage but miss some of the important structural and functional components.

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Effective Teen Parenting: Raising Teenage Boys