Eczema Free – Is It A Scam?


Eczema Free – Is It A Scam?



Just type the word “eczema” into any search engine and you are bound to get 10,000+ results. About a third of those results are medical sites offering expert information on the condition. The rest are all promising to cure, end, stop, or otherwise relieve you of its burden.

Each promises a new idea. Each insists theirs is the only answer to your problem. Yet, so many people are still walking around with it. Can Eczema Free really be offering anything new or different? More importantly, can it really help you with your eczema?


After reading only a few pages there is one glaring difference between Eczema Free and the competitors. The book explains, rather bluntly, there is no cure for eczema. According to the book, individual flare ups can and will be healed but the condition is a life-long problem.

That is a stark contrast to all of the other programs out there promising to cure eczema. Obviously curing it is better than not curing it. Most people would not buy a treatment if there is a cure available. So, what’s the deal?

This is where you must read between the lines and make a few visits to those informational medical sites you encountered while researching it. As it turns out, the experts, such as those at the National Institute of Health and The Mayo Clinic, agree. It is a chronic, life-long condition. The allergic and immune system issues which caused the flare up will always be an issue.

If the experts agree with Eczema Free, then what are the others talking about? The truth is they aren’t really offering a “cure”, but Eczema Free is offering an answer to your problem. A big difference is that a substantial part of the book focuses on teaching you to identify what you are allergic to, called the eczema trigger. It makes sense, cut out what you are allergic to and you can cut out the allergic symptom…. Eczema.

Of course, as Eczema Free explains, identifying eczema triggers is a slow process. It can take months and maybe longer if you have a lot of triggers. This might be why other programs skip this part, because they don’t expect the reader to have that much patience.

However, the experts once again agree. If you cannot reduce your exposure to your trigger, your eczema will continue unchecked. It makes sense, but it may be frustrating for those who do not have the patience to stick to the program.

After you identify your triggers, the book gives you another dose of reality. As in, it is probably impossible to completely avoid your triggers for the rest of your life. This means your eczema may show up again.

That alone may make you give up too soon, but Eczema Free goes beyond just identifying triggers. It teaches you methods, endorsed by the experts, to help limit your immune system’s reaction to your triggers as well as methods to strengthen your skin. This means your flare ups will become less and less frequent, they will be milder, and they will clear up much more quickly.

Along with the purchase of the book, there are several bonus reports which will also help you manage and control future flare ups. There is a bonus with diet recommendations to keep you allergy-free and skin strong. There is another bonus with season specific tips for people who suffer from eczema only in the winter or summer. There is an enlightening report on self-esteem to help you feel more comfortable when you have a flare up. There is even a bonus to help you clear up scars from previous flare ups!


That is a question you will have to answer for yourself. It is a logical, simple 5 star solution. It is available for a mere $47, but it is only worth the investment for those with the patience to stick with the program.

If you don’t think you can, then Eczema Free probably won’t offer you any benefit over the other so-called “cures” out there. However, if you don’t think you can stick to this program chances are you won’t stick to any other program and you should consider if controlling your eczema really is a priority in your life.

If taking control over your eczema is important to you, this seems like a great step in the right direction. You learn to avoid what causes it. You learn how to stay eczema resistant when you do encounter an allergen.

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