eBay Sellers Guide PDF


eBay Sellers Guide PDF


If you want to make thousands of dollars each week (or even each day) with eBay, then you MUST get your hands on The Trade It On Ebay guide.

It sounds simple enough, but if you don’t have the right information and the right tools then you are just going to get by – you are going to be stuck just being an average eBay seller.

But who wants to “just get by” when you can be a real success?

All you need is a few innovative and intelligent techniques to be great.

You’ll learn:

– Hundreds of hot-selling products ideas
– Secrets to designing listing templates that will increase your results 200%
– How to get your listings to the top of eBay search pages
– Turning buyers into lifetime customers with e-mail marketing.
– Writing killer ad-copy for your listings that sells
– Maximize the eBay feedback system
– Expanding your business to reach international markets
– Sales strategies like price setting, reserve and no reserve auctions
– Advanced promotions that can increase sales up to 377% (or more)!
– Develop an incredible eBay store
– How to spend less than 20 minutes per day running your business
– The tools you can use to create a listing template in minutes
– How to save thousands of dollars and build your eBay listing template, about me page, and eBay store design quickly and easily (even if you’re totally new to computers!) You do not need to know html
– Learn how to structure your eBay listings so visitors stay longer to explore…and buy. Whether you sell 10 products or 10,000 products, you risk losing up to 50% of your visitors with every ‘click’ when they first look your listing – You’ll learn how you can keep them on your listing longer, guaranteed.
– The most common mistakes made by eBay Sellers that is shrinking their sales
– How to choose “prices” that can outsell other eBay sellers nine to one!
– Tips for creating “Maximum Prices” on your items that can dramatically increase your sales volume
– How to easily overcome your prospects’ natural skepticism using a powerful strategy that builds instant rapport
– How to create and implement banner ads on eBay
– Use message boards and chat rooms on eBay to drive traffic
– How to uncover popular keywords 1,000’s of people are ‘searching’ and use them in your titles before you competition catches on
– Valuable tips for understanding eBay’s “rank” system – you need to know this if you want to secure a high ranking on eBay with eBay’s advanced search system
– How you can DOUBLE your sales with the correct “checkout” features and settings
– The number 1 secret to GUARANTEE an eBay sale every time.
– How to use feedback to your advantage.
– Advanced Seating Methods for Buy It Now and Want It Now selling features
– The TOP SECRET ” *********** ” technique to eliminate non-paying bidders BEFORE they bid.
– Advanced bidding techniques to put you in total control and outsmart the seller
– PLUS much, much more!

With The Trade It On Ebay guide you are going to be able to finally know what it’s like to work for yourself and live life on YOUR terms!

This guide is ground-breaking because it allows you to jump straight to success and skip over the years you would spend researching, testing and discovering the secrets to MAJOR profits.

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eBay Sellers Guide PDF