EasyWebinar: Webinar WordPress (WP) Plugin & Full Software Suite


EasyWebinar: Webinar WordPress (WP) Plugin & Full Software Suite


Profitable Online Events Made Easy!

The #1 sales generating custom webinar platform that integrates with your WordPress site used by thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs just like yourself.

“EasyWebinar: Webinar WordPress (WP) Plugin & Full Software Suite” Creates the Most Engaged and Profitable Marketing Funnels on the Planet.

You’ll be able to create unlimited events, with unlimited attendees…Today!

Builds My Loyal Following

Easily collect email addresses when people register for your event and integrate your favorite email autoresponder program!

Positions Myself As An Expert

Hosting your own event instantly gives you credibility and positions you as an expert in your field

Sells without being SALES-y!

Educate prospects on your events and they’ll be eager to buy since they’ll know, like, and trust you!

What is EasyWebinar: Webinar WordPress (WP) Plugin & Full Software Suite exactly?

It is a combination of a WordPress plugin and full software suite that makes creating live events easy.

What kind of events can I do?

Create unlimited events with unlimited attendees! Live events, automated events, hybrid events, summits and more! Share your screen and present a slide desk or talk live – it’s all up to you!

Live Streaming Events

EasyWebinar: Webinar WordPress (WP) Plugin & Full Software Suite uses the super reliable power of Google Hangouts and YouTube Live as the live stream HD technology built on its back end. Share your screen and presentation or you in front of the camera. Plus, have up to 10 co-presenters in the room with you! Finally giving you a replacement for overpriced, out-of-date live webinar technology that drops calls, requires downloading with half the interaction and engagement. It allows you to stream out to an unlimited number of attendees and create as many events as your heart desires. Can do private (GTW style) events or public events.

Automated Webinars/Events For More Time and Freedom

USE PRE-RECORDED VIDEO EVENTS… USING YOUTUBE, AMAZON S3, or VIMEO for your STREAMED in REAL TIME VIDEO EVENTS. Scale and Duplicate your success by creating evergreen webinar funnels. Upload the recording of your best presentation to our system and we’ll present it for you with the same level of excitement/engagement as the live event… AND IN REAL TIME. (most automated software options don’t have this)

Super Fast and Dynamic Event Funnel Editing! (From Live to Automated)

Your live event and the leads, sales and engagement that was generated from it doesn’t have to die as soon as the event is over (unlike most live events). Once that live event has ended, you can automatically convert it into an evergreen or automated event with one click of a button. Allowing you to generate more leads and sales through the power of automation. Those events can be streamed from your own timezone, to automatically streaming in your attendees local timezone, with multiple date and time options to make sales while you sleep.

Ok, but how does it work?

A dash of Google, a pinch of WordPress, a little bit of magic and a whole lotta love.

Uses The World’s Most Reliable Webinar Platform

It is backed by the world’s most reliable live video and steaming service available today. Who is that, you might ask? Well, Google! It harnesses the power of Google Hangouts and Youtube live. This means unlimited attendees and no streaming issues!

Seamlessly Works With WP Or Any Other Page Builder Software Using Our ‘Place Anywhere’ Registration Widget

Unlike other platforms, you’re in complete control! It works with any WP site and will creates any necessary pages for you. Or, if you’d rather use Optimize Press 2, Leadpages, Contest Domination or any other front end page builder software – you can do that as-well! Complete flexibility.

Complete Marketing Funnels in Just a Few Clicks!

EasyWebinar: Webinar WordPress (WP) Plugin & Full Software Suite creates all the pages that make up a full Event Launch Marketing Funnel. From Registration Page, to Thank You Page, To Event Page, Replay Page, Countdown Page, Webinar is Over Page, and Email sequence. This is Automation and Marketing combined with Engagement and Value.

Includes Beautifully Optimized Templates.

Does It Integrate With My Other Stuff?

You betcha! We know that there’s no two business alike, so we’ve made It as flexible as a Cirque du Soleil performer!

How Does It Compare To Other Webinar Software?

Here’s just a taste at some of the features it has. We’re always working hard to release more!

  • Live Events, Automatic Events, Hybrid Events
  • 100% Unlimited Attendees
  • Backed By Google’s Technology
  • Multiple Presenters
  • Registration, Event, Thank You Pages
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Reminder Emails
  • One Click Email Link Sign Up Technology
  • One Click Facebook Sign Up
  • Skype and Phone Fields
  • Full Control by integrating With Your WordPress Site
  • Plays perfectly on Any Device and Custom Editing in Different Languages
  • Social Share Incentive (exclusive!)
  • One Click Live To Automated Event Conversion (exclusive!)
  • Webcam and Desktop Sharing
  • Full Chatbox Integrations
  • Scarcity Tactics And Delayed Timed Events
  • Easy Event Cloning
  • Widget To Place Anywhere
  • Dynamic Field Dropping (once an event is over)
  • Browser Based Viewing (no plugins to install)

Fully Customizable Even Page Builder-Template Selector

You get high converting Page Templates. You can customize your event pages by changing colors, images and text or simply use our default settings. It creates Registration Pages, Thank You Pages, Event Pages, Replay Pages, Count-Down Pages, Email Templates and More for you.

Unique Social Share Incentive

Get more viral traffic swarming into your events with our advanced Social Share Incentive feature. You see, one of the pages that is generated by EasyWebinar: Webinar WordPress (WP) Plugin & Full Software Suite is the thank you page. On the thank you page you have the opportunity to bring in more viral leads through unlocking a free gift as a reward for someone sharing. Stats have shown that more than 50% of registrants share news of the event!

A Full Analytics Center

DATA IS KING! Want to know who your hottest and most engaged users are? Now you can. Its analytic system will track your registrant through the entire event process, from registering, to attending, to performing actions. See who your hottest prospects are and then download that data and put it in your own CRM system.

Several Chatbox Options and Integration

Chat options for Twitter, Facebook, LiveFyre, Chatroll and more. Not to mention our own built in chat box.

Super Simple Dashboard

A completely new, simple-to-use dashboard for creating your events.

Page Designer & Builder

Easily design event pages in our custom page editor to match your brand. Choose Colors, Customize Text, and even Upload Images to make every event page your own. With more options than ever before, you can now customize it’s event pages to match your online brand.

Pre-designed layouts give your presentation a professional appearance. Every layout can be easily customized. Make your edits and save your custom design to see a real time preview of your event pages.

Scarcity Tactic

Want to sell on your events better then ever before? Its scarcity feature is a unique delayed event that can send out bonuses and units over a certain period of time which helps you to add a level of urgency in your offers that you present to your viewers.

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EasyWebinar: Webinar WordPress (WP) Plugin & Full Software Suite