Easiest Way To Give Your Dog A Bath


Easiest Way To Give Your Dog A Bath



Dog Bath

Giving your dog a bath will be part of the overall dog grooming activity for all dog owners. Some dog owners bath their dog in a large laundry sink while others use a portable tub outside. There are also commercial dog bath facilities now where owners can take their dogs to do all the work without messing up anything back at home. In fact, there is one such facility located near my house and is actually connected to one of those self car wash centres.

When I started as a dog owner with my very first Lhasa Apso Pepper, I did use a large laundry sink to give him a bath for the first few times. It was a bit of a mess since Pepper didn’t like the sink very much and the entire laundry room as well as myself, got pretty wet.

Much Easier Way For A Dog Bath

But then I realized there was a much easier way. Instead of any of the ‘traditional’ ways that dog owners used, I decided one day to take Pepper right into the shower with me. I figure that if I was going to get wet, I might as well take my own shower at the same time.

This worked out really well especially when I got two dogs. I took both Pepper and Max into the shower at the same time to bath everyone.

Houses with shower stalls are ideal with this method of dog bathing since with the glass door shut, none of the dogs could escape!

I’ve been taking all of my dogs into the shower with me ever since. Here’s a new video showing how I take my current Lhasa Apsos Chester and Roxie into the shower.

Needless to say, starting them out this way including the use of the hairdryer is very important when they were still puppies. It takes some time for them to get use to the whole routine since the water as well as the noise of the blow dryer can be scary for them at first.

But now as you can see in the video, they are very much use to the whole shower routine.

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