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As you may already know, this business offers some perks that you just don’t see with any other model, such as:

Very low startup costs.
Working from home and choosing your own hours.
Unlimited earning potential.
No need for a warehouse or expensive bulk product orders.
You can operate from anywhere in the world.
No need for employees.
Minimal shipping and inventory costs.

The fact that you’re reading this shows that you’re looking to get into ecommerce, but you probably don’t have a ton of cash lying around to spend on merchandise and products to sell. Luckily, this allows you to bypass the cost and hassle of inventory and fulfillment, giving you more time and money to market and sell products. Unfortunately, it always ends up being a lot more difficult than it seems at first glance.

If you’ve attempted to get into it before, you’ve more than likely:

  • Wasted money on generic and saturated directories and lists
  • Wasted time waiting for buyers to actually find your products
  • Attempted (and failed) to do it on eBay
  • Made a sale, but then turned to your supplier only to find the inventory is sold out
  • Gotten ripped off by middlemen who are charging an arm and a leg for bogus “wholesale” goods
  • Hopelessly struggled to compete against the giant online retailers

Drop shipping is not all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a ruthless and corrupt industry that eats most newcomers alive.

If you think you’re going to go sign up for Doba and make millions flipping merchandise on eBay, you’re very sorely mistaken.

Fact: 99% of All Drop Shipping Businesses Fail

If you’re like most newcomers, you probably head straight to the search engine to look for wholesale sources. You might find a supplier that offers thousands of hot name brand products at “rock bottom wholesale prices”. Now you’re ready to make some money! Right?

Unfortunately, you’ll soon after discover that those products are already all over the web and being sold at prices lower than your “wholesale” cost. On top of that, you’re probably paying fees just to access the inventory. So what happened here?

You’re dealing with the all too common middleman. There are hundreds of these sites perched on the search engines waiting to make money off of newbies like you. To be completely blunt… if you found your “wholesale supplier” on the first page of Google, it’s a safe bet that not only are you paying a high markup on those “wholesale” goods, but there are boat loads of other people who are using that same source and are now your competitors.

You have absolutely no competitive advantage, and on top of that, you’re not even dealing with a real wholesale source. You’re trying to sell generic, saturated products at high marked up prices. The only one who makes money here is the middleman.

These are companies that essentially source products from real wholesalers, mark up the prices, and sell them to you. They bump you down the supply chain a notch and make money off every sale you make. To top it off, they often charge monthly fees on top of that. It’s really just an MLM scheme.

Stop Getting Scammed

Now let’s say you did your homework and managed to find a decent wholesale source and you’re ready to start selling their products. How are you going to do it? How are people going to find what you’re trying to sell?

You’ll probably go to eBay and try your luck there. But you’ll soon find that eBay is completely saturated with competition and they also charge a ton of ridiculous fees to list and sell products. If you’re able to even make a sale, your profit margins will be razor thin.

Let’s suppose you’re the tech savvy type and you’re able to get your eCommerce store up and running. Why would anyone ever buy from you? Why wouldn’t they just go to Walmart or Amazon.com instead?

This is another one of the primary reasons that most newcomers fail. They go into it without ever considering how or why a customer would buy from them. They assume that just being online is enough and the customers will come flowing in, but are sorely disappointed when nobody knows they exist.

Now let’s say you actually do make a sale. Nice work! It’s time to go to your drop shipper to place the order. Uh oh! The item you just sold is out of stock… What happened?

If you’re using the same middleman service as everyone else, products will go out of stock frequently and without warning. Now your customer is waiting for their item and you have nothing to ship. Your buyer gives you negative feedback, eBay finds out, and you’re banned from selling!

But don’t give up. The good news is that you CAN make A LOT of money and many people do!

Turn Your Computer into a Cash Machine

It can be a highly profitable and simple business… but only if you know exactly what you’re doing.

Introducing… Drop Ship Dynasty: Dropshipping eCommerce Business Program

Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover inside Drop Ship Dynasty: Dropshipping eCommerce Business Program:

  • The five most common scams and pitfalls that nearly every newcomer falls into.
  • Insider product sourcing secrets that can get you the profit margins you need to succeed!
  • All the software you need to get your own ecommerce site up and running, no coding necessary!
  • Unbiased reviews of all the most popular programs from industry professionals.
  • Over a dozen high traffic places where you can list and sell your products, totally free!
  • Search engine secrets that generate massive traffic and sales from Google!
  • Loads of marketing software and modules that get your products seen by thousands of hungry buyers!
  • The secret to channel selling through sites like eBay and Amazon.
  • How to avoid the dreaded “out of stock” issue.
  • The Achilles heel of the major online retailers and how you can beat them!
  • How to accept credit cards and make payments simple, without all the expensive fees.
  • Over 300 unique and legitimate suppliers that have products your customers want to buy!
  • Plus a lot more!

If you’re serious about it, can’t afford NOT to read this guide. Consider this your blueprint for a lucrative, hands-free online business that can give you the financial and personal freedom you’ve been hoping for.

By now you might be thinking: “This seems really difficult!”

Not to worry! This course simple enough that even the least technically savvy people can succeed. It’s literally idiot proof!

If You Can Work a Computer, You Can Make Money With This System

Take it from someone who’s been there… if you decide to go into the industry on your own, the sharks will eat you alive. It’s almost guaranteed. Without help, a small online business owner can almost never succeed among the enormous competition from the major retailers and endless supply of eBay sellers and other merchants.

You’ll learn exactly how to correctly source product, set up a fully customized and search engine friendly store, market your products, process payments, and make boat loads of money! Nothing is left behind.

The best part?

You’ll Get Your Business Up and Running for Under $100 Dollars!

There’s no need to waste your money on scam wholesalers, expensive software, hosting, payment processors, and other services. You’ll learn how to get everything you need at the lowest possible cost through my own personal sources. These savings alone will outweigh the purchase price of the program in the first month!

So what are you waiting for?

Using the “Drop Ship Dynasty: Dropshipping eCommerce Business Program”, you can:

  • Earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars per day working completely out of your home.
  • Achieve the personal and financial freedom you’ve always wanted.
  • Quit the 9 to 5 rat race and work the hours YOU want to work.
  • Live anywhere you want to live.
  • Enjoy the pride that comes with owning a successful and profitable ebusiness.

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. If you’re looking for some miracle solution that’s going to make you a millionaire overnight with a few clicks of a mouse, this is not for you. If you’re looking for a legitimate ebusiness opportunity and a great source of online income, then look no further.

Make Money While You Sleep

Consider Drop Ship Dynasty: Dropshipping eCommerce Business Program your own personal consultant. This course will take you step-by-step through the entire process, starting from square one.

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Drop Ship Dynasty: Dropshipping eCommerce Business Program