Drawing for Beginners Book: Learn The ABC of Art Skills


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You do not need a University Degree or to be born with the gift of Drawing – you only need 10 minutes every couple of days and These Books to become an Artist… ”

“Improves your Paintings Dramatically.”

“Draw cartoons like an Expert.”

Plus get 12 months of Drawing Lessons from a Professional Illustrator!

If you can hold a pen you CAN draw!

At last! a Surefire proven skill based system that works!

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Discover the simple skill system taught to over 2,000 art and design students, teachers and illustrators over the past 18 years. These unique techniques get you in full control no matter what your current skill level.

Get maximum impact from your ideas quickly, easily, and confidently!

The good news is – You can start at ANY level and learn to draw easily.

You’ll soon discover how to create drawings that are skillful and fascinating … artworks that are uniquely yours, professional, and a pleasure to display. You won’t be frustrated by trying to transfer your ideas from your thoughts to your canvas waiting for your creativity to get into gear.

There are times when you MUST be able to put something on that page!

You’ll soon see the ability to draw is a skill that can be learned.

There is a formula that works.

And now it’s never been easier. Here’s how…

Teaching subjects include:

  • Nationally accredited training subjects in Dip GD, MM, IT
  • Drawing – technical and commercial illustration
  • Dreamweaver Intro and Advanced web development
  • Flash Intro and Advanced animation and interactive projects
  • Freehand Intro and Advanced
  • Fireworks Intro and Advanced
  • Corel Draw Intro and advanced
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Web authoring and CSS
  • Multimedia

One of the first secrets is learning how to work without an eraser. Knowing where to place the pen in the first place is one of the secrets to being able to draw. Confidence allows you to draw with flourish and that sense of unleashing your creative flow.

There are great art classes you can attend but many people are too embarrassed by their level of skills to front up to an art class.

There are great art books you can buy but they usually begin at a level which is already beyond the reach of many developing artists. In frustration you may just stay where you are with limited or negligible skill and decide that anything more is just beyond you.

It is evident that so many people do not have the opportunity to take time out and seek a great teacher to impart enough knowledge to get started.

The foundations of knowing how to draw with confidence is of immense value to graphic designers, web developers, school teachers, painters, business people, hobbyists, interior designers, creative professionals, parents, students, teacher aides and school librarians in fact anyone who wants to draw.

Although based on a workshop approach, you can follow these drawing exercises successfully without an instructor.

The concept is to allow you, the student, to draw what you see or what your “mind’s eye sees”.

This method is proven and is no longer an experiment because it has been used in all teaching environments with absolute measured success.

To draw with a pen, now that requires a set of skills far above the confidence level of most artists.

They also do not know what perspective the drawing should be in and they do not understand scale. Unless you have a natural ability with these concepts you are unable to put pen to paper in order to create a satisfying drawing or sketch.

In the same way that learning your alphabet is what allows you to spell and therefore write, learning confidence with line, angle and proportion allows you to develop drawing skills that will underpin every creative process for you.

You can learn to draw and these books teach you!

You see, the trouble is, you may never be taught how to apply skills that get the results you want. And without the proper training, the end result is often dissatisfying, and sometimes downright embarrassing.

The mysterious thing is that once you begin to train yourself using this formula your own creative talent comes to life and you find your skills grow exponentially. It begins with something simple and becomes an exciting journey of your own discovery.

Here’s your ticket to discovering your own surprising abilities.

Introducing… “Drawing for Beginners Book: Learn The ABC of Art Skills”


Drawing for Beginners Book: Learn The ABC of Art Skills is now available to you and everyone else who has the desire to draw with speed and confidence. Now it is no longer elusive. You see, we all can learn to draw knowing that this simple system has been proven and has a track record of success.

A quick recap.

If you can barely draw a straight line, you can master these exercises.

If you already have talent but need a grasp of the difference between amateur work and professional artwork you have found the help you need.

All you have to do is apply a proven, structured, step-by-step process, and follow the rules. That’s it.

You will learn new skills that will travel with you for the rest of your life.

Draw whatever you want whenever you want.

You Can with the Drawing for Beginners Book: Learn The ABC of Art Skills

People like you who need to unlock their own surprising drawing abilities.

Here’s your key to discovering your own surprising drawing abilities.

Learn how to create beautiful drawings for every project with the ABC of Art Skills.

In the kit, you receive:

1. The 6 self-taught secrets to successful, professional art skills that have never been offered together before.

2. A step-by-step process that begins at the very beginning level of skill. Never again will you sit in front of a blank drawing sheet wondering where to start.

3. A complete set of black line master exercises that you can print out and make as many copies as you require for class use or your own practice.

4. How to spot good materials that do the job well to free you from buying things you don’t need, in trying to achieve better results.

5. Notes to help you assess your class (or yourself!) before you begin and as you progress through the course.

“The exercises in this system are simple enough for primary school age students yet valuable enough for university students and adults.

This book is the first stage of learning.

Even if you cannot draw a stick man you will find your skills improved dramatically once you have completed the exercises. Even if you need to create complex drawings with a high degree of difficulty you will find The 6 secrets invaluable.

This is the chosen system to begin with for book illustrations, character animators, game developers, cartoonists, commercial artists and designers.”

The books are filled with exercises, equipment tips, useful snippets, photocopiable black line masters, teachers notes and of course the step-by-step instructions.

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Drawing for Beginners Book: Learn The ABC of Art Skills