Drafting Wooden Boat Plans


Drafting Wooden Boat Plans


If you are into boats, you might be happy to know that boat planning isn’t all that hard to do when you are talking about a wooden boat. Here we will help you understand how to draft a wooden boat. You might not know the first thing about boat plans, but we’re here to help you. The main things you will need when you do the drafting are: pencils, eraser, cartridge paper, a straight edge, ruler, and a T-square. While you may thing that these aren’t many items at all, that’s because it’s not all that much. The whole purpose of a draft is just to get an outlined sketch of what the boat will look like.

Many will tell you that when you draft wooden boat plans, you start with a simple sketch. They call this a profile. From there, that is when you add the detail. The detail includes the length that you want the boat. From there, you start with what the top of the boat or otherwise known as the overhead of the boat will look like. Again, this doesn’t have to be perfect; this is just a rough draft. Using the pen and pencil makes it a whole lot easier to make corrections if need be. There have been many who have had to start over because they were using something other than pencil.

In order for the boat plans to look 3D, you should get software, this can help you so that it not only looks accurate, but you can generate actual building specifications and details. They will also have the terms that you need to remember on there so it’s not so hard to understand where you need to place things and how big things need to be. You can use these no matter what type of wooden boat you are building. The plans generated right in the beginning will help you with lengths and with curves. Once you have this drawn up you can begin ordering materials and start building.

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