Dog Training Tutor – The Guide Book


Dog Training Tutor – The Guide Book


Who Else Wants to Discover How to Stop Their Dog’s Behavior Problems For GOOD! And Obedience Train Their Dog Using the Fastest and Most Reliable Methods Available TODAY?

Imagine this… No aggression, no biting, no nipping, no annoying barking or whining or jumping, and not the slightest hint of separation anxiety. No digging up your lawn, no chewing up everything in sight, and no more house training troubles to speak of.

It sure is a nice thought. But now it’s time to stop imagining and make it happen.

You’re about to discover a cutting-edge training method that will shock you as to how well it works.

First of all you should know that it is NOT about:

1. Hitting, scolding or yelling at him
2. Punishing him at all

What it IS about is this:

1. Communicating with him by understanding and playing on his natural canine instincts so that he WANTS to obey you and enjoys learning new things
2. Having FUN with him!

If he is disobedient, or frustrates you by digging up your lawn, being aggressive towards people and other dogs, jumping, barking, whining, or whatever, it’s NOT your fault.

MILLIONS of owners around the world make the SAME mistakes with training their pets and the reason why you do is because you are human and he is a dog. Your natural instinct is to train him by using human language. Such as telling him no when he tries to jump up on a stranger, or by scolding him when he digs up the front lawn.

If anybody gives you advice that you should train him not to do undesired behaviors by punishing and scolding, then DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO THESE PEOPLE. And make sure that you NEVER hit him.

At last! You’ve just discovered an absolute goldmine of information (including some well kept secrets) about how to obedience train him by communicating with Dog Language and by playing on his natural canine instincts so that he WANTS to obey you and enjoys learning new things. The other great thing is that you’re about to make training time great fun BOTH for you AND him.

The interesting thing about them is that, while they have a natural instinct to want to dig, bite, whine, jump, pull on the leash, chew, bark, and show aggression at times, among other things, they are one of the most intelligent obedient animals and given proper training, they make a wonderful family pet.

And these methods have been proven over and over again to be successful in training even the most stubborn ones! These methods and techniques, applied correctly, will work for you, guaranteed.

Introducing… Dog Training Tutor – The Guide Book

Here are Some of the Secrets You’ll Find in The Dog Training Tutor – The Guide Book:

  • The 5 vital traits that establish you as the Alpha dog… a few of these and he will start respecting your authority more than you’ve ever seen before! (pages 12-15)
  • Did you know that there are some very common, but critical mistakes that MOST owners make when attempting to obedience train them? These mistakes will not only lead to frustration, they can be dangerous to their mental development (which can lead to his experiencing stress related problems later on).
  • A novel solution to that old problem of chewing. Find out how to put an end to the destruction once and for all! (pages 105-106)
  • Discover a cutting edge training method that you can use right now to put an end to his aggressive behavior towards people and other dogs (pages 89-91, 120-121).
  • In depth, step by step information about how to resolve fear aggression, territorial aggression, possessive aggression, and dominance aggression.
  • 7 critical and proven tips for stopping him from digging (page 108).
  • 11 powerful ways of preventing him from nuisance barking – the kind that makes you an unpopular neighbor (pages 112-113).
  • A simple 8 step, at-home behavior modification program that you can use to stop him from displaying domineering behavior (page 98).
  • Step by step instructions on how to teach him hand signals – photos included, of course! (pages 87-88)
  • A simple way to address that repulsive problem of eating poop (coprophagia) (pages 106-107).
  • How to prevent him from jumping up on people. Use 3 simple rules and he will understand that it’s polite to “lay low” (page 111).
  • Dynamite techniques to stop him from being tempted by unguarded dinners and garbage cans! (pages 118-119).
  • An activity you can do with him that helps foster a permanent bond and is essential for their health and well-being! (pages 123-130)
  • The 11 things you must do if he has a fear of the leash (pages 109-110).
  • 7 tips to help him if he has a fear of loud noises.
  • 9 essential (and probably urgent) commands to teach him (pages 82-86)
  • The 7 tell-tale signs that show that he suffers from separation anxiety, and the remedy for it (pages 115-116).

And that’s not all! In Dog Training Tutor – The Guide Book, you’ll also discover…

  • Specific proven training methods for housebreaking him! (pages 61-65).
  • The pros and cons of all the most popular training methods used today (pages 75-79).
  • The most widely recognized methods of effective and humane correction of unwanted behaviors in him (pages 80 – 81).
  • And much much more!…

This book will take the mystery out of dog psychology. It will explain how they think and why they act the way they do. But most importantly, it will show you how to effectively and humanely obedience train him.

Read “Dog Training Tutor – The Guide Book” cover to cover or only what you need – either way, you’ll always have an invaluable reference on hand.

You’ll discover how to stop your dog’s behavior problems for good! And obedience train your pet using the fastest and most reliable methods available today!

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Dog Training Tutor – The Guide Book