Dog Socialization Important For Health


Dog Socialization Important For Health


Dogs are not meant to be alone as they are naturally pack animals. Puppies play with their siblings when they are young and learn important dog socialization skills. These skills should continue after they become pets.

There are now puppy kindergarten classes in many areas specifically for puppies and continued socialization with other puppies is one of the things they learn. After they become older, regular obedience classes also teach dog socialization.

Socializing Dogs At Dog Parks

Leash free dog parks also offer opportunities for socializing dogs of all sizes and breeds. Dog socialization is important for their health and well being. It teaches individual dogs not to be afraid of other dogs and enhances their natural pack behaviors that might be lost if kept isolated from other dogs by human owners.

Dogs are happy when they get to play with other dogs and playtime benefits their health through the exercise they get. Even if they do not engage in play, it is still beneficial for dogs to at least meet up and ‘say hello’ to each other.

Below is a dog socialization video of my Lhasa Apso Chester playing with his two neighborhood pals.

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