Dog Separation Anxiety- Help Your Loved Dog


Dog Separation Anxiety- Help Your Loved Dog


Dog separation anxiety is one of the reasons that keeps the master worried of their dogs’ health. It is an efficient problem that should be addressed at first. If you are a dog lover and want your dog to be healthy, then you should opt for means to cure separation anxiety. Separation anxiety refers to the situation wherein dogs go destructive in the absence of their owners. Usually if a dog is attached to their master in more than a required way, then separation can cause a dog to behave in an altogether different fashion.

Separation anxiety is common in this canine world and it is problematic, as it can leave your dog brutally affected, both physically and mentally. This article briefly discusses some of the ways (out of ample) to treat the problem effectively. A dog suffering from separation anxiety usually shows behavioral changes like barking, crying, whining and weeping all the time. Some people usually complain that their dog weeps and cries all the time and also misbehaves with their visitors, like jumping and barking at them. If the situation worsens, the dog can even run away in search of their owner in their absence.

People are always searching for the remedies and ways to cure this dreadful syndrome. Honestly speaking, there are eminent ways available that can treat your dogs and puppies of this syndrome, some of the precautionary measures and ways to treat your loved puppies and dogs are:

• A master should understand that punishing their dog is not the solution that can get rid of separation anxiety in their dogs. Moreover, punishing can spoil your relationship with your dog and can turn your dog into a destructible devil. So, never ever punish your dog in order to get rid of the problem.

• The treatment of your dog depends on the severity of the separation anxiety that your dog is undergoing. Though there are plenty of theories and treatments on this, the ones that work are rare. One can find e-books and compilations that usually deal with working treatments. So, it is important to search for and compile working treatments before you begin treatment.

• Engage your dog in some kind of body training or play training, this way you are boosting the animal’s confidence in a way. A dog is also exhausted when they exercise. A tired dog needs some time out to snooze.

• Accustom your dog to the periods of separation, i.e. leave the dog alone for some time everyday and slowly rise the duration day after day. Doing this will help your dog get used to separation and the next time you leave, he will not object or behave in a weird way.

• Accustom your dog to behavior modification training in addition with general obedience training. Modification training allows your dog to get over a separation anxiety problem.

Dog separation anxiety is a very prominent problem that can be addressed in many ways; you just need to find the appropriate ways!